"Dora and Friends: Into the City!" Episode Guide

Dora and Friends Into the City Episode Guide
New series "Dora and Friends Into the City" features 20 half-hour episodes. "Dora the Explorer" continues to be the most-watched preschool show on TV. Nickelodeon

"Dora and Friends: Into the City!" Episode Guide

Are you ready for a big adventure? Preschool favorite Dora the Explorer moves to the city, meeting a new set of friends, and is ready to take on the world in Dora and Friends: Into the City!, an animated preschool series from Nickelodeon. The first season consists of 20 half-hour episodes that follow Dora and her friends as they go to school, work together in a peer group, and help the community.

Want to learn more? Read this Dora and Friends: Into the City! episode guide.

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Dora and Friends: Into the City Season One Episode Descriptions

While trying to shoot a video to help her friend Alana promote the animal shelter’s Doggie Adoption Day, Dora’s video camera mysteriously becomes enchanted. When she points her magic camera at one of the shelter’s dogs, Cusco, he breaks out in a song about being separated from his brothers. Dora and Pablo head out to help Cusco reunite with his family.

Dora and Naiya are helping out at story time with the younger kids at school when Pablo discovers a mysterious ring that shrinks him. Dora and Naiya search through the library and find the secret of the ring, discovering that it's been stolen and lost by an evil wizard from long ago. The only way the spell can be broken is by putting the ring back on the owner's finger, an ancient princess.


Dora and her friends are putting on a dance party to raise money for the town’s new dance school. Alana convinces Pablo to teach her a simple step as a mirror ball magically transports them and Dora to the land of Baila, where they meet Celia. She explains to them that her overprotective father, the mayor, has outlawed dancing after she stubbed her toe at her first dance.

Celia needs Dora and her friends’ help to convince the mayor that dancing is safe and fun.

Dora and her friends are at a Pirate Festival to benefit the restoration of the city’s ancient seaside fort, and Dora promised a little boy named Jorge that he could steer the festival’s pirate ship ride. But when the pirate ship ride doesn’t show up, Dora, Kate and Pablo must build their own. They find an enchanted ship’s wheel that takes them to a talking pirate ship with secret treasures.

Dora and her friends are delivering toys to the playroom of the children’s hospital when Dora meets a little boy named Miguel. Miguel left his favorite stuffed monkey, Mono, on a train, and he’s never slept without him before! Dora, Pablo, and Kate rush off to the train station to find Mono, getting some help from a special bunch of stuffed animals that come to life in the train station’s Lost and Found.

Dora and Emma are at the park practicing an opera for Emma’s grandmother’s birthday. But when Pablo knocks into the music stand, the last sheet of the opera’s music flies away! They chase after it to an old opera house where they discover Opera Land and are introduced to an odd assortment of musicians and singers, including La Diva (voiced by Megan Hilty) who has their missing music and refuses to give it back.

Dora and her friends are having a Royal Ball in honor of all the kids who helped clean up the city park. Dora and Alana head to the costume shop to get dresses, and find a golden gift box with a beautiful dress that’s perfect for Alana. The golden box comes to life and tells them that the dress is for the princess – it's his job to get it to her! The box magically transports them to the royal grounds where they must escape a dragon and rescue the box from crocodiles.

Dora’s going to put on a magic show at her siblings’ school using Papi’s special magician’s hat, but before the show starts, a bunny pops out and hops away with the hat.

Dora, Pablo, and their friends chase after it all the way to a magic shop, where they go through an enchanted door and into Magic Land. There, they meet an evil magician who wants Papi’s hat so he can control all the magic in Magic Land.

Dora and Kate are putting on a fairy tale puppet show in the city park, and all their friends are helping out. But when Pablo stumbles with a giant beanstalk prop, everything on stage goes flying and the piggy puppets go missing. Dora and Kate search backstage and get transported to a fairy tale puppet world where two piggies come to life. They have to help their littlest piggy brother finish his brick house before the big bad wolf gets there.

Dora and her friends are putting on a benefit concert in front of the Zoo Clock. As they set up, the clock’s mechanical animals come out and play their song, but the clock suddenly breaks down. The animals come to life and lead Dora, Emma, and Pablo into Clock Land, where they chase after two naughty cuckoo birds who have taken the clock’s magic key.

Dora and her friends are volunteering at el Rancho Urbano, where a kind horse, Dulce, is giving rides to all the kids, including Naiya’s cousin Marko. Suddenly, Dulce runs free, leading Dora, Naiya, and Marko to a raft that takes them to la Isla de los Caballos Perdidos, the Island of Lost Horses. And we’ve got to rescue the horses before a trio of silly bandits captures them.

Dora and her friends are helping out at the Beach Clean Up Treasure Hunt collecting trash and gold coins that the organizers buried in the sand. Pablo accidentally sets their treasure bag on a turtle and it walks off with it. Dora and her friends follow the turtle into the ocean where they run into Dora’s old friend, Mariana the Mermaid. Dora transforms into a mermaid and goes with Mariana to face off with the meanest mermaid in the ocean, la Sirena Mala, who has been sending her turtles to take everyone’s gold!

Dora and Alana are teaming up to win a special race to help to restore a broken playground. Dora needs a buddy in order to compete, but Alana has arrived with a sprained ankle. Dora’s other friend – Pablo, Naiya, Kate and Emma – all volunteer to help Dora so they can compete in and win the race.

It’s animal habitat day at school, and Dora and her friends are teaching younger kids about the native animals and their homes, but all Pablo wants to do is explore inside the school. He’s convinced that there’s a pool in their school’s basement. Dora is skeptical until she, Pablo and Naiya come across a secret passage and a forgotten map that leads them to a beautiful ancient swimming pool where they meet a ferocious dragon and her little baby.

It’s Halloween and Dora and her friends are taking all the neighborhood kids trick or treating. But when Emma tries on a puppy costume, she accidentally scares away Abuela’s cat, Lucky. Dora, Emma, and Kate take off after Lucky and end up at a spooky house where they meet some real monsters and ghosts getting ready for their big Halloween party!

Dora and friends are camping, and Pablo’s brought a ton of gear including a bag of marshmallows so they can make s’mores! Suddenly, Pablo looks up to see dozens of his marshmallows floating through the twilight sky, being carried off by fireflies! Dora, Pablo, Naiya, and Alana take off after their flying marshmallows and enter a fairy world where they must help a dragon protect the fairies from los duendes (goblins). 

All of Dora’s friends got puppies at Doggie Adoption Day! As Dora and Alana try to help their friends train their new pets, Kate’s little puppy, Roja, runs off. When Dora points her enchanted camera at the pup, we learn that the pooch needs Dora and Kate to help her save the Puppy Princess from some cranky cats who locked her in the Puppy Palace Prison.

Dora, Kate, Naiya, Alana and Emma have formed a pop group and are performing a concert to collect instruments for kids who need them. Just before the show, Dora’s guitar string breaks. Dora, Emma, and Pablo head off to the music store to get replacement strings and get transported into Music Land, where everyone and everything makes music except for three broken musical instruments who are in danger of being taken away.

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