Celebrate Dora, Adventure and More than 10 Years of Fun and Learning

Happy Birthday to Everyone's Favorite Preschool Adventurer

If you think Dora the Explorer is nothing more than a sweet show that teaches some Spanish words to 4-year-olds, you couldn't be more wrong. Preschoolers know that when it comes to Dora, adventure is right around the corner! An international phenomena that reaches over 100 million people a year, Dora's far-reaching empire includes countless products, a spin-off show and even a tween version of herself.

Fátima Ptacek Named Voice of Dora for Season 7

Fátima Ptacek as the new voice of the iconic Latina heroine, Dora the Explorer
Fátima Ptacek as the new voice of the iconic Latina heroine, Dora the Explorer. Nickelodeon

Fátima Ptacek, an 11-year-old actress who was born in New York City and is of Ecuadorian and European heritage was named the voice of Dora for season 7. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is studying Mandarin Chinese. The show isn't the first gig for the talented tween -- she has been cast in several feature films, including Anything’s Possible, Tio Papi, The Miracle of Spanish Harlem and Curfew and has appeared in such TV shows as Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street, A Gifted Man, and Royal Pains among others.

Valerie Walsh Valdes Creator Executive Producer Dora the Explorer
Valerie Walsh Valdes, creator and executive producer of Dora the Explorer. Nickelodeon

Valerie Walsh Valdes is a working mom to two and the creator of one of the most beloved preschool characters ever. From how you can apply the idea of the Map when you need your preschooler to complete a task, to how to limit screen time (really!), find out how being a successful television producer helps her everyday parenting -- especially at bedtime.


If it wasn't for Map, Dora the Explorer wouldn't know where to go!
If it wasn't for Map, Dora the Explorer wouldn't know where to go!. Nickelodeon

Undoubtedly you've seen the show numerous times, but are you a true Dora expert? What was the first Spanish word ever taught on Dora? Which language does Dora teach in Germany or Spain? How long does it take to create one episode? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more!


Popular characters from ten years of Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer has had lots of characters visit her over the past ten years. Here are some of the more popular ones. Nickelodeon

When you've been around for ten years, you are bound to make lots of friends -- some human, some Big Red Chicken. Take a look at these 26 characters to see who you remember and then read what the producers have to say about their favorites.


Dora the Explorer Show Review

Boots the Monkey is Dora's best friend.
Boots the Monkey is Dora's best friend. Nickelodeon

There are a lot of things about the show that appeal to children -- the characters and the music certainly -- but it's the interactive nature of the program that really made it stand out from everything else on television.

Go Diego, Go! Premieres

Dora the Explorer spin-off Go, Diego, Go! features Dora’s eight-year-old cousin, Diego.
Dora the Explorer spin-off Go, Diego, Go! features Dora’s eight-year-old cousin, Diego a bilingual animal rescuer. Nickelodeon

In 2005, Dora's cousin, 8-year-old Diego Marquez arrived on the scene, and he was a man on a mission -- to help animals in the wildlife. Joined by his 11-year-old sister, Alicia; Baby Jaguar and occasionally, Dora herself, Diego carries a "rescue pack," a camera called "Click" and he hangs around an animal rescue center, which is where he gets the calls to come and save animals.

Caitlin Sanchez Debuts as the New Dora

Caitlin Sanchez voices Dora the Explorer
Caitlin Sanchez voices Dora the Explorer. Nickelodeon

Season five of the show, which premiered on September 15, 2008, featured a new voice for Dora -- then 12-year-old Caitlin Sanchez. A New Jersey resident, Caitlin is the daughter of two Cuban-American parents. A fan of Dora since she was four years old, she beat out 600 other girls for the job.

new dora revealed. Nickelodeon

Can an animated character age gracefully? That was the question of the minute when Nickelodeon and Mattel announced plans for a 10-year-old version of Dora in doll form. A firestorm ignited when certain details leaked, but when all was said and done, most parents were happy with Dora's new look and a generation of girls got to keep exploring with their best preschool friend.


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