Children Should Follow a Casual Dress Code at School

Parents should leave fancy children's clothes at home

preschoolers with teacher
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Whether a school or daycare has a dress code, parents should take the lead and outfit kids in clothing that's functional, practical, comfortable and dirt-friendly. Play clothes that are easy to put on and take off encourage mobility, independence in the bathroom (many kids simply can't unbutton their jeans in time), and freedom to draw, paint and, gosh, be a kid!

Why Childcare Providers Prefer Comfortable Clothes

Childcare providers lament that parents drop off absolutely adorable kids with precious bows, ruffles, lace, sailor hats and more, only to appear angry or disappointed when their precious tots are picked up that afternoon looking dirty, stained or disheveled.


Even small grade school-aged children need clothes that are easy to fasten and comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Accidents can occur even as children age if they've waited too long to go to the restroom and can't get their clothes down in time.

Some providers place bows and cutesy attire in a child's diaper bag or backpack shortly after parents leave. They do this because keeping those pricey outfits and accessories from getting lost or dirty adds too much stress and takes away from their primary function of caring for kids.

Parents Should Dress Kids Appropriately

Parents should avoid dressing kids in outfits that are too warm, too big or small or having youngsters wear impractical shoes that can present safety concerns or discomfort (leave heels or fancy footwear at home). And if your kid wears flip flops, please have the courtesy of packing tennis shoes (with clean socks) in the child's backpack.

If not, don't be surprised to see kids end up with blisters or boo-boos.

Long Hair Causes Problems

Another hair-puller (pun intended) for childcare providers and teachers regarding school dress codes is long hair. Girls with elaborate hairstyles or long hair that obscures the child's face just begs for mishaps.

Long unfastened hair runs the risk of getting caught on playground equipment. One provider had to cut a girl's hair because it became entangled around a bolt; another girl's hair was caught in a bike spoke because she kept peaking down at the wheels in motion.

Wrapping Up

Providers and teachers typically love and adore your children, and they already recognize their inner and outer beauty and charm. But having safe and content kids who can easily participate in outdoor games, run around on playgrounds or engage in messy arts projects or science experiments make for far happier youngsters. 

If you're still confused about how to dress your child for daycare or school, consult this compilation called Eight Things to Consider Before Dressing Your Child for Daycare or School .

Parents who desperately want a dress-up day for their children can make special requests for the childcare provider to organize a theme day or "fancy" attire day. Parents will just need to tuck in an extra pair of play clothes for later.