Dressing Aids for Arthritis Patients

Dressing Aids Compensate for Restricted Range of Motion

Dressing aids are useful tools that help compensate for limited range of motion. It can be difficult to bend and reach to put on shirts, pants, socks, and shoes when you have joint pain caused by arthritis. Dressing aids include dressing sticks, sock aids, hip kits and more. Here are some for you to consider. You will likely wonder how you managed without dressing aids until now.


Dressing stick is a 26-inch wooden shaft with hook on the end. Helps with grabbing clothes, putting them on, or taking them off. Gives you the extension you are lacking with painful joints.

Basic Hip Kit with 32 inch Featherweight Reacher

Hip kits are necessary for people who have had or are getting ready to have hip or knee replacement surgery. A Basic Hip Kit includes: 1 Sock Aid with Foam Handles, Black Elastic Shoe Laces 24 inch package of 2 pair, White Elastic Shoe Laces 24 inch package of 2 pair, 1 Featherweight Reacher 32 inch, 1 Dressing Stick, 1 Stainless Steel Shoe Horn 24 inch, 1 Long Handle Contoured Bath Sponge 18 inch.

Dual Handle Sock Assist

Unique design accommodates all feet and calve sizes. Works with most socks and even compression stockings which are difficult to put on. For people who cannot bend to put socks on unassisted -- the sock aid or sock assist is a must-have.

OXO Good Grips Button Hook

If buttoning shirts is a problem because of arthritic or deformed fingers, the OXO Good Grips Button Hook can get the job done for you.

Shoehorn / Dressing Combo Stick

The Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn are available in two lengths (24" and 30") with the handle measuring 1 1/4" in diameter with a soft, built-up foam grip.


Two-in-one: a button hook and a zipper puller. Your fingers will be instantly relieved because you have one of these.


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