Driving Age by State

Familiarize yourself with teen driving laws in your state.
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If your child is like most teens, she'll likely want to get her driver's license as soon as possible. Being able to drive serves as a rite of passage for many teens who want more freedom.

Each state in the United States establishes their own driving laws, including laws about the age at which teens can begin driving. And the rules vary greatly about graduated license requirements.

Newly licensed teens will likely be restricted to specific driving hours.

 Alabama, for example, doesn't allow newly licensed teens to drive between midnight and 6 AM. North Carolina, however, doesn't allow them to drive between 9 PM and 5 AM.

Most states also have passenger restrictions. Teens may not be allowed more than one or two passengers and there may be exceptions for siblings. 

These graduated license requirements are meant to keep teens safe. Newly licensed teens face a lot of dangers on the road and they're at a much higher risk of fatal car accidents. 

Study up on the laws in your state and consult the latest information on your state website as driving laws change often. Create safe driving rules above and beyond the laws to help keep your teen safe on the road.

Driving Age by State

StateLearner's PermitRestricted LicenseFull License
Alaska141616, 6 mos.
Arizona15, 6 mos.1616, 6 mos.
Arkansas141616, 6 mos.
California15, 6 mos.1617
Connecticut1616, 4 mos.18
Delaware1616, 6 mos.17
District of Columbia1616, 6 mos.18
Hawaii15, 6 mos.1617
Idaho14, 6 mos.1516
Indiana15.16, 6 mos.18
Kansas141616, 6 mos.
Kentucky1616, 6 mos.17
Maine151616, 6 mos.
Maryland15, 9 mos.16, 6 mos.18
Massachusetts1616, 6 mos.18
Michigan14, 9 mos.1617
Minnesota151616, 6 mos.
Mississippi151616, 6 mos.
Montana14, 6 mos.1516
Nevada15, 6 mos.1618
New Hampshire15, 6 mos.1617, 1 mo.
New Jersey161718
New Mexico1515, 6 mos.16, 6 mos.
New York1616, 6 mos.17 w/classes or 18
North Carolina151616, 6 mos.
North Dakota141516
Ohio15, 6 mos.1618
Oklahoma15, 6 mos.1616, 6 mos. 
Pennsylvania1616, 6 mos.17 with classes or 18
Rhode Island1616, 6 mos.17, 6 mos.
South Carolina1515, 6 mos.16, 6 mos.
South Dakota1414, 6 mos.16
Vermont151616, 6 mos.
Virginia15, 6 mos.16, 3 mos.18
West Virginia151617
Wisconsin15, 6 mos.1616, 9 mos.
Wyoming15 1616, 6 mos.
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