5 DVRT Sandbag Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

Grab a Sandbag and Get Going!

The Ultimate Sandbag. The Ultimate Sandbag

Josh Henkin CSCS, author of , and the creator of Ultimate Sandbag Training, put together a custom workout just for Verywell.com. Josh's sandbag workouts are innovative, results-driven, and surprisingly gentle, and they changed everything for Josh and his wife Jessica. After years of putting their bodies through athletic abuse, sandbag training helped them overcome chronic back pain, shoulder injuries, and even a neck fusion.

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) Workout

Use this program to perform the following exercises, as described. Josh Henkin, CSCS

Dynamic Variable-Reistane Training (DVRT) has begun to give people a whole new way to look at getting fit. The goal of DVRT is to work more muscles at one time and to teach the body to move better while getting more fit. Using the specially designed Ultimate Sandbag™, people can make an entire gym in a very small area with minimal equipment.

The Ultimate Sandbag offers brand new movements that challenge the core, strength, and endurance of the entire body. The unstable weight of the Ultimate Sandbag works both the smaller stabilizers and the bigger muscles of the body at once. Very different from most strength training tools that become predictable with their movement patterns.

Changing how you hold, stand, and move with the Ultimate Sandbag opens up over 400 different exercises that can work within the fitness program of any fitness level.

Rotational Lunge

Rotational Lunge. Josh Henkin, CSCS

Deadlift the Ultimate Sandbag off of the ground and stand tall. Keeping the torso as vertical as possible, begin to lunge backwards with one leg. Slowly rotate the Ultimate Sandbag to the same side as the lead leg to come to the side of the knee. Make sure the arms remain straight, eyes forward, and keep the hips from rotating. Drive through the heel and stand tall and bring the Ultimate Sandbag back to the middle. Alternate sides, increasing speed will increase the swing action of the Ultimate Sandbag raising the demand of the movement. Rotational lunge refers to the movement of the weight, not the body!

Shoulder to Arc Press

Screenshot from Ultimate Sandbag Arc Press video. Chris Henkin, CSCS

Stand over the top of the Ultimate Sandbag so 50% of the weight is behind your heels or slightly more. Sit back on the heels and flex at the hips. Grab onto the Ultimate Sandbag and explosively bring the Ultimate Sandbag to one shoulder. Once upon the shoulder, grab the sides and press the weight slowly to the other shoulder. Make sure to have the arms lockout overhead and try not to more the head or torso. Lower the weight to the ground and repeat the other side.

Front Loaded Staggered Squats

Front Loaded Staggered Squats. Chris Henkin, CSCS

Clean the Ultimate Sandbag into the crooks of the arms. Assume a position so the toes of one foot are even with the heel of the other foot. Elevate the heel of the rear leg and keep it off the ground the entire repetition. Pulling the Ultimate Sandbag into the body, begin to squat down where the majority of the work is performed on the flat foot and the opposing leg provides support. Keep the weight of the body on the heel of the front foot.

Grip Rows

Grip Row. Josh Henkin, CSCS

Roll up the ends of the Ultimate Sandbag creating a thick, tight grip. Hinge on the hips so that the weight slides down the thighs and shins. Keeping the back straight, pull the weight in towards the upper abdominal area pulling the shoulder blades back as far as possible. Do not elevate the shoulders and slowly lower the weight back to the start position. Never let the back round or overly arch. Maintain tension in the heels and tighten the glutes to prevent issues with the low back.

Kneeling Press Outs

Kneeling Press Outs. Josh Henkin, CSCS

Grab the middle of the Ultimate Sandbag and lunge down to the tall kneeling position. Push through the toes, tense the glutes, and keep the knees at 90 degrees. Without moving the torso or elevating the shoulders, press the weight to out in front of the body to lockout. Pause for a two count and pull the weight back into the body.

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