Easter Crafts

Ideas for fun, adorable, and easy Easter crafts to make with kids

One of the best things about Easter is creating colorful and fun Easter crafts with kids. From garlands to wreaths to place cards, Easter crafts can be a celebration of spring, renewal, and joy. You'll love how easy these festive and beautiful ideas for Easter crafts are to make, and your kids will be thrilled to show off their handiwork!

Tulip Flower Easter Wreath

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee
You'll be amazed at how fun and easy this Easter wreath is to make. You and your kids will love this great spring craft so much, you may make several to make your whole house festive, or to share with friends! More »

Mini Easter Baskets

Easter basket
Katherine Lee
These adorable mini Easter baskets are perfect for holding candy or small toys. Once they're filled, you can place them all around the Easter table or around the house to add color and make things festive. Plus, your kids will adore making these fun Easter crafts! More »

Easter Egg Ornaments with Streamers

Easter crafts
Katherine Lee
One of the easiest and most fun Easter crafts to make with kids, these paper egg ornament streamers will make your house bright and festive for Easter. Make ornaments in several different colors and designs (and enjoy watching kids use their imaginations to create their own), and hang them all around your home! More »

A Festive and Easy Easter Garland to Make with Kids

Easter crafts
Katherine Lee

Your kids will absolutely love making and sharing this fun and easy Easter garland. All you need is an egg-shaped cookie cutter, colorful paper, cute paper punches in various spring shapes, and some ribbon. Before you know it, you'll have a pretty Easter garland that's ready to brighten up the house and the whole family in the spirit for Easter fun! More »

How to Make Glittery Easter Egg-Shaped Paper Ornaments

Easy and gorgeous Easter egg-shaped paper ornaments to make with kids. Katherine Lee

With just some colored paper, glitter, and double-sided tape, you can create these beautiful Easter egg-shaped ornaments in no time. It's one of the most fun and easy Easter crafts for kids! More »

How to Make Easy Glittery Easter Eggs

These beautiful glittery Easter eggs are super-easy to make!. Katherine Lee

You can use blown-out eggs, boiled eggs, or, to make things even faster (and help make them last for many, many Easters to come), plastic eggs to make these beautiful glittery Easter eggs with kids. More »

Easy Easter Garlands

Easter garland
Katherine Lee
You can use a paper punch or cookie cutters in fun Easter shapes like bunnies, flowers, or scalloped circles to create colorful Easter garlands. They're so much fun to make, and are the perfect thing to add a festive touch to your Easter table and the entire house! More »

How to Make Easter Gift Bags for Kids

Easter craft for kids
Katherine Lee
These adorable gift bags are super-easy and fun to make. They're perfect for Easter goodies or for gift bags at birthday parties or any other celebrations all year-round! More »

Easter Crafts - Place Card Ideas

Easter crafts
Katherine Lee
Try these fun and festive place card ideas for your next holiday gathering, birthday party, or any other occasion. You and your kids will love making these cute place cards--it's the perfect kids' craft for Easter, spring, or any other celebration! More »

Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is fun for kids and parents alike!. Getty Images/Tetra Images
Making beautiful Easter eggs is one of the most fun crafts to do with kids at Easter time. Dyeing eggs lovely colors and decorating them with personal designs--what could be more fun for kids? More »

Washi Tape Easter Cards with Basket and Eggs

washi tape
Katherine Lee
Use washi tape to make these pretty Easter cards. You and your kids will adore using these colorful decorative masking tapes from Japan to make your basket and eggs to create this lovely Easter card for friends and family! More »

Washi Tape Bunny Easter Cards

Easter cards
Katherine Lee
This bunny Easter card is made with washi tape to create a striking background. And when you look inside, there's a pretty mini-bunting with colorful washi tape flags. You and your kids will love making this adorable card to share with friends and family! More »

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