Easter Games

These fun Easter games are sure to be a hit at your next Easter celebration

If you're looking for ideas for Easter games for your next Easter party or gathering, you'll love this comprehensive list of Easter games. There's something here for everyone, from rollicking Easter egg hunts and relay races to Easter jigsaw puzzles and word scrambles.

Classic Easter Games

Children (10-12) having spoon and egg race (blurred motion)
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I love these fun ideas for classic Easter games from About.com’s Grandparents Guide. Easter games such as egg rolling and spoon races are sure to get everyone in a fun and festive mood! Plus, the ever-popular Easter egg hunt and even a yard bowling with Easter eggs game in which everyone rolls an egg toward a designated egg without breaking it. Fun!

Easter Egg Hunt


Here is a more detailed description of how to have an Easter egg hunt from About.com’s Guide to Kids’ Parties and Celebrations. If you’ve never organized an Easter egg hunt before, this is an excellent how-to guide. There are also ideas for Easter party invitations and decorations.

Easter Puzzles


Here are some terrific Easter games for grade-school age kids from kindergarten and up such as Easter jigsaw puzzles, Easter word scrambles and counting and memory games, Easter connect-the-dots, and more.

Easter Games and Activities


You’re sure to find several Easter games that will be perfect for your next Easter party or gathering from this comprehensive Easter games list from Kaboose. Games include Easter bingo, Easter Clue, Easter Pictionary.

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Online Easter Games

Also from Kaboose, an assortment of wacky and fun online Easter games that are great for grade-school age kids. Games include Eggs of Destruction, in which chickens take turns lobbing eggs at each other and Easter coloring games. School-age kids also love riddles, jokes, and word games so be sure to check out the Easter riddles page for some funny and groan-inducing answers to riddle questions.

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