Easter Ideas and Healthy Tips

Need a few Easter ideas that will keep you and your family healthy and trim?  Believe it or not, it is possible to pack a fun, colorful Easter basket and enjoy a festive meal without overdoing the calories and sugar. Use these ideas to enjoy the celebration with family and friends.

How to Make a Healthy Easter Basket

Healthy Easter Basket
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Yes, you can eat chocolate on Easter. And there's really no reason to give up the candy treats and gooey marshmallow goodies, either.  But if you want to promote wellness in your home or if you're trying to stick to your diet, then you can (and should) learn to make a healthy Easter basket.  Use this guide to make a basket that you and your family will enjoy.

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Buy and Cook a Healthy Ham

Ham is an essential part of the Easter meal in many households.  But the calories in ham can vary significantly depending on which brand you buy and how you choose to prepare it. Use this 5-minute guide to make the best choice for you and your family.

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Tips for Diet-Friendly Eggs

Find out why eggs might be the healthiest part of your Easter celebration so keep them on your brunch table! Use these quick tips to reduce the fat in your hard boiled eggs.

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Carrot Calories and Cooking Tips

Some dieters avoid this crunchy vegetable because of the relatively high carbohydrate count. But carrots have lower net carbs and can be a healthy part of your diet.  The fiber in carrots may might even help you eat less candy on Easter. So fill up on this nutritious veggie with these tips and healthy cooking ideas

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Get Diet Support From Family and Friends

Family gatherings can be stressful if you are trying to lose weight.  Learn how to navigate the tricky landscape to get the support you need to feel confident and stick to your diet plan. Find out what to say and what to do when well-meaning loved ones sabotage your hard work. 

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7 Ways to Eat Less Around Family and Friends

There are sneaky tips and tricks that successful dieters use to stay on track at parties and other celebrations. Use these quick tips to eat less during the day-long candy fest and brunch celebration to maintain your commitment to your diet plan. 

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Enjoy Chocolate When You're On a Diet

There's no reason to eliminate chocolate from a weight loss diet or healthy eating plan. Chocolate provides some health benefits, especially if you buy and eat dark chocolate. But it is also high in fat, sugar and calories. So choose your chocolate carefully and eat it in moderation to keep your diet on track.  

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Recipes for Healthy Green Beans

Fill up on leafy greens and other dark green vegetables to boost nutrition and add fiber to your Easter brunch. Just be sure that your green bean casserole doesn't have more calories than the candy in the basket. Use these tips and recipes to keep the fat and calorie count as low as possible.

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Calories and Sugar Counts in Popular Candy

Trying to cut back on sugar? If so, then Easter can be a challenge. Use this guide to see the number of calories and grams of sugar in many of the most popular brands of candy. Then choose the varieties that you want to include in your celebration. 

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