The Best Chores for Teens

Chore Chart Worthy Chores for Your Family

Assign chores that will teach your teen life lessons.
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Kids of all ages need to get into the good habit of doing chores in their living area. It is important to your child's sense of responsibility and self-esteem to feel that they contribute to their family's living routines and customs. This gives them a strong foundation where they can build a healthy identity. Giving your kids and teens easy chores to do, but not ignoring the harder ones, will get them to learn simple life skills as well.

In this way, chores are an indispensable teaching tool for parents to use with their family.

So while you may think that an easy chore isn't worthy of being on your family's chore chart, think again! Simple tasks that are done daily or weekly should be listed as well as the harder chores you expect your child to do. When your teen does these tasks they can feel a sense of accomplishment and it will encourage them to get the other tasks done as well.

Easy chores are one- to two-step tasks that can be done in no more than a few minutes. They are simple and can almost be done 'without thinking' when your kids and teens get so used to doing them that they've simply become a good habit. And I want to mention one last point, having these types of good habits make being around your child a pleasure for people who take care of them outside of your home, like at a friend's sleepover or when they go away to camp - of course, manners help too.

Daily Chore Ideas for Teens

Daily chores that are easy to do should become a part of your children and teens routines. For instance, add the chore of making the bed or the simple chore of swiping the bath sink to your teen's morning routine as something they should get done while they are getting ready for school.

Then the chore of placing their lunch bag in the kitchen and the simple chore of emptying it out can be done when they get home from school. Adding the tasks to their routines helps cement these chore oriented good habits for life.

  • Making the bed.
  • Bringing all cups and glasses to the kitchen from their room.
  • Placing their lunch bag in the kitchen and emptying it out.
  • Swipe bathroom sink and counter after using.
  • Pick up clothes and place in hamper.
  • Create to-do list for tomorrow.
  • Taking plates and utensils to the dishwasher after eating.(Scraping food off and rinsing as well.)
  • Swipe microwave/toaster/counter when you've used it.

Weekly Chore Ideas for Teens

When giving weekly chores, even the easy chores, to kids and teens it is important to give them a time limit or time frame to get the chore completed. For example you could ask that they do the chore of checking and organizing their planners on Sunday evenings or clean out their school papers by Thursday. You need to be very clear about when the chore should be done.

  • Stripping the sheets off of their beds and placing them in the laundry room.
  • Empty trash in room.
  • Empty trash in the bathroom.
  • Clean trash out of car.
  • Clean junk out book bag.
  • Organize nightstand.
  • Go through school papers and get rid of the ones you don't need.
  • Check planners for the coming week's schedule.

Monthly (Or Occasional) Chore Ideas for Teens

These easy chores should be done as they are needed or scheduled in your child or teen's calendar. For instance, you can schedule dusting the ceiling light or fan for every third Saturday of the month but light bulbs should be changed as soon as they blow out.

  • Test smoke alarms.
  • Change batteries in remotes when needed.
  • Change the toilet paper or paper towels.
  • Replace light bulbs.
  • Search for mates for odd socks.
  • Dust ceiling light or fan.
  • Shake out bedroom area rugs.

    Updated by Amy Morin, LCSW.

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