7 Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts Toddlers Can Make

Help your little one make presents for the holidays

child fingerpainting
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Nothing is as sentimental as a handmade gift made by a child. Your toddler or 2-year-old might not be ready to break out the paints and make a self-portrait just yet, but there are lots of sweet projects that are easy enough for kids to make. With a little help and a few toddler-friendly supplies, your little one can delight family and friends with a holiday-inspired gift:

1: Cinnamon Applesauce Ornament

This easy recipe for cinnamon applesauce Christmas tree ornaments requires no cooking, so it's very toddler-friendly.

The final product results in an ornament that bears a holiday smell everyone will love. Have your little one make ornaments for grandparents, babysitters and neighbors. All you need are some basic kitchen ingredients and holiday cookie cutters.

2: Build a Gingerbread House

Visiting relatives or friends on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? A homemade gingerbread house is a great hostess gift. This video tutorial includes instructions on making the gingerbread pieces yourself and then assembling it. You can always simplify the process by buying a gingerbread house kit or use graham crackers and lots of icing and candy to make something quickly enough to keep your toddler's attention.

3: Coloring Pages

Your toddler may not be a professional painter or crayon artist yet, but they can create a fridge-worthy work of art by decorating Christmas coloring pages with stickers, drawing utensils and bingo daubers.

4: Finger Paint Portraits

One of my most cherished mementos of my daughter's first year in daycare is a finger-painted family portrait. I was painted in purple, which my daughter informed me was my favorite color. Seven years later we still go with it and let everyone believe that purple is my favorite color.

For a DIY touch, you can make your own homemade finger paint.

5: Gingerbread Man Ornament

Friends and family will love displaying a special, handmade ornament made by their favorite little one on their Christmas tree. This gingerbread man ornament is easy to make. It's also made out of sandpaper. Your little one is sure to appreciate working with a different texture.

6: Personalized T-shirt

Your toddler might not be ready to create a special, abstract painting for the family room, but they can still exercise their artistic ability by designing a one-of-a-kind footprint t-shirt or apron your loved ones will cherish.

7: Handprint Wreath

There's nothing as adorable as tiny handprints. Make a handprint wreath by tracing the outline of your little one's hands onto green construction paper. Alternatively, you could use white paper and let your tot paint their handprints themselves. Once the handprint cutouts are complete, assemble them in a circle and decorate with a bow.

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