Easy Low Calorie Breakfast Recipes

Make a healthy morning meal to get healthy and lose weight

You've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is for some dieters. But it's hard to eat a healthy breakfast if you don't have easy low calorie breakfast recipes to follow because breakfast time is also the busiest time of the day.

Use these recipes to make a meal that is low in calories but high in nutrition. You can even make a week's worth of healthy meals in advance so they are packed and ready to go in your refrigerator. Your morning meal can set you up for a day of healthy eating, so spend some time finding recipes you enjoy to keep your diet on track.

The Best Low-Calorie Breakfast for Weight Loss

healthy breakfast recipes to lose weight
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Too busy for breakfast in the morning? Not anymore. Follow this step-by-step guide to make a delicious, healthy breakfast in just 10 minutes. Use the simple shopping list to gather ingredients, prep foods in advance, then enjoy a sweet and savory feast each day for under 300 calories.

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How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

low calorie breakfast recipes
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Follow simple tips to make these low calorie breakfast recipes for weight loss. You'll slim down with less hassle and less hunger if you eat a healthy meal in the morning 

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Low Calorie Berry and Granola Parfait

low calorie breakfast parfait recipe
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Forget that fast food yogurt parfait. This fresh berry and granola parfait recipe includes instructions for creating your own cinnamon spiced granola which you can prepare ahead of time, making your morning prep quick and easy. Calories: 273

Low Calorie Ham and Cheese Omelette

low calorie ham and cheese omelet recipe
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This easy recipe uses super-flavorful cheese. The result? You can use less cheese and still get just as much flavor, meaning you take in fewer calories. Calories: 244

Low Calorie Blueberry Pancakes

low calorie pancake recipe
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These delicious, diet-friendly pancakes can be made using fresh or frozen blueberries (if thawed out ahead of time). Calories: 297

Healthy Raspberry Mango Smoothie

low calorie smoothie recipe
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Give your breakfast a calcium-boost for only around 150 calories with this flavorful recipe using frozen berries, cut up mango and yogurt. Calories: 155

Low Calorie Western Omelette

low calorie Western Omelet
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By using egg whites to replace some of the eggs in the traditional Western Omelette recipe and using less -- but more flavorful -- cheese, you can cut some serious calories while enjoying this favorite for breakfast or brunch. Calories: 271

Blender Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

Use Your Blender to Lose Weight
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 Use your blender to make a quick and easy breakfast each morning. But don't stop there! You can also use your blender to make lunch, dinner and even dessert. Use these simple recipes to make the most out of your kitchen blender.

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More Diet-Friendly Breakfast Foods and Recipes

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Find out which breakfast foods to eat and which ones to avoid. See which breakfast recipes I love the most and what to order for breakfast if you eat in a restaurant.  

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