Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Your Toddler

Celebrate love with your toddler a few easy crafts.


Valentine's Day just screams for some crafting. The trick is finding a way to complete a craft that doesn't leave you -- or your toddler --- in tears.

It's not as hopeless as it sounds. If you keep the craft simple, make it easy to mass-produce and come to terms before you begin that it may not look perfect, you'll likely end up with a Valentine's Day craft fit for any young heartthrob.

Here are a few ideas:

Toilet paper roll heart stamp

Take an empty toilet paper roll and, holding it length-wise, push down on the top and squeeze it so the circle forms a heart.  Then dip the end of the roll in a small amount of washable red paint and let your toddler stamp away.

Using a toilet paper roll as a stamp makes for easy clean up (just toss it), and the tube is big enough for your toddler to grasp easily. Give your child a large sheet of white paper for stamping, and later, you can cut it into hearts and write messages for Valentine cards.

Foam sticker frames

Stickers make for great toddler crafts. Children can usually peel and stick the stickers with little parent help, which gives them (and you) a great sense of accomplishment. Craft stores sell a variety of foam picture frames complete with coordinating stickers. Print out a favorite picture from Christmas for inside the frame and let your child decorate the outside.

Kool-Aid playdough

Making homemade play dough is not as insane as it sounds. You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already. Try this recipe for homemade play dough.

Your toddler can help you measure the ingredients, and once cooked on the stove, he can help knead it together. Make sure it has cooled a bit.

Strawberry, cherry, or fruit punch flavored Kool-Aid makes for pretty pink dough. Once assembled, let your toddler section out of the dough into re-sealable bags or small plastic containers.

This dough stays soft for months in the fridge, smells great and feels better in your hands than the store-bought kind. A crafty treat for a fun Valentine's Day, perfect for toddlers.

Pretzel and Hershey Kiss treats

Though most popular at Christmas, these simple treats using pretzels, Hershey Kisses and M&Ms are easy for your toddler to help you make, they store well and they take very little time.

First have your toddler count out the number of pretzels, chocolates and M&Ms needed (a sneaky math lesson!). Arrange the pretzels on a cookie sheet and have your child unwrap all the kisses to place on top of the pretzels. Bake for 4 to 5 minutes in a 200-degree oven. Take out the pretzels and press an M&M in the center of the melted kiss.

The cool thing about these treats is the number of ways to jazz them up or personalize them to your Valentine's tastes. White chocolate Hershey "Hugs" and pink M&Ms are festive for Valentine's Day. Another tasty idea is using traditional milk chocolate Kisses with peanut butter M&Ms.

Rolos and pecan halves make a quick candy "turtle" with little fuss.

Repurpose your toddler's artwork

No time to craft? Consider repurposing the artwork already plastering your refrigerator. Cut out hearts from random drawings or write Valentine-themed messages on coloring book pages. Viola, Valentine's Day craft completed! 

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