8 Easy Ways to Prioritize Exercise

Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Life

Time. We all want more of it, right? Lack of time is one of the most oft-cited reasons for skipping workouts, and according to a 2013 YouGov/Huffington Post Poll, 24-percent of respondents claim they would use an extra hour in a day for exercise.

But I call bologna. If the full-time working, single mother who takes classes toward her Ph.D. and still finds time to squeeze in regular workouts can do it (this isn't an imaginary scenario - it's actually a description of my sister... who was also basically homeless for a year after severe floods wiped out her house), then just about anyone can find the time in a regular 24-hour day. It's all about priorities.

The trick is finding a way to incorporate exercise and additional physical activity into an otherwise jam-packed day. Your schedule may not give you the flexibility to hit the gym or train for a marathon, but I pretty much guarantee you that you can find ways to add at least 30 minutes of exercise into your day. Here are eight ways to start squeezing activity in. But I realize you may need more than a few great tips - if motivation is more your problem, start here.


mowing lawn
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Chores are an unfortunate reality, but they are, in fact, a reality. When exercise just doesn't seem feasible, but there's no way to ignore the disaster of a yard that needs mowing, use these tips to turn your house into your gym.



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Do you need a few more ideas on how to turn your cleaning routine into a full-blown sweat sesh? Whether you're cleaning alone or you'll be recruiting your family, there's always a way to make basic chores a little bit harder (and possibly more fun?).



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The average commute time in the U.S. is roughly 25 minutes, which comes out to almost an hour spent going to and from work each day. It doesn't help that commutes are almost always hectic and stressful, too. 

Are you a bike commuter? Check out these great products.

To combat stress while boosting activity, check out these tips for getting active during your commute - even just a few minutes could make a difference.



Jenn Pattee, Basic Training
Jenn Pattee, Basic Training

Who needs a gym membership? If you have 15 minutes to sneak away on your lunch break, you can turn practically any city street into an adult playground of fitness equipment. 

Do you live in a more rural area? Turn nature into a gym.

Learn where an how to do dips, pullups, and single-leg squats without paying monthly membership dues. 




For a moment-by-moment action plan on how to add 10, 1-minute bursts of activity into your typical day, look no further. You'll do one minute of squats while you brush your teeth, a minute of marching before meetings and a minute of foam rolling before bed. You'll have to read the piece to find out the rest.



Beer bottles
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Not owning dumbbells or a treadmill isn't an excuse not to exercise. Put these 10 everyday items to use to enhance your next home-based workout.



 You don't have to attend a 60-minute vinyasa flow class to embrace the yoga lifestyle. CorePower Yoga's Senior Vice President of Programming shares how to easily add aspects of the yoga lifestyle into your typical day. She even provides a simple, 10-minute flow and three-minute meditation you can do at home.



Sweat to Street
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Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes whether at home or at the office naturally makes physical activity more accessible. If you feel comfortable moving around, you'll be more likely to move around. Learn how to incorporate activewear into your daily repertoire, and while you're at it, check out some of my favorite pieces of workday-to-workout apparel for women and men.


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