Easy Workplace Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is hard enough, already. But when you're managing a full time job and family or social obligations, the struggle is greater. Some dieters try to schedule all of their weight loss activities outside of the workplace. But if you spend most of your hours on the job, that plan doesn't work. 

Use these tips to lose weight while you're at work. Change simple things about your workspace and your daily work habits to increase physical activity. Then use the social tips and food guides to get support and eat a healthier diet for faster weight loss.

How to Lose Weight at Work

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Make simple changes to your work space, schedule and daily habits to lose weight without going on a diet or even starting a rigorous exercise program. These simple tips come from research studies done in offices just like yours and they are easy for anyone to use.

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How to Make a Healthy Lunch

Make a healthy lunch
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Your afternoon meal can set you up for an energized afternoon of productive work or a heavy, sleepy fight for the day's end. Use these recipes, shopping guides and restaurant meal suggestions to eat a meal that helps you save money, feel better all day long and lose weight faster.

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What to Wear to Burn More Calories

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You don't actually have to go to the gym to burn extra calories for weight loss. We actually burn more calories all day long with something called NEAT. And you can build a wardrobe to boost your NEAT. Check this list of gym-friendly and work-friendly looks to find a few items that will help you feel better about your body and boost your weight loss potential when you're at work.

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5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercise

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Now that you've got a NEAT-friendly work wardrobe, find out what you can do in your office or work space to burn more calories without even breaking a sweat!

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7 Ways to Eat Less Around Coworkers

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Do you go out for lunch with your friends from work? Do you enjoy a snack in the break room with coworkers? The mindless calories that you consume in these social situations can derail your diet. Learn 7 easy ways to stay social but keep your weight loss program on track.

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The Best Snack Bars to Lose Weight

snack bars for dieters
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I know you get hungry at work. But don't grab the wrong snack bar! Some of those "healthy" bars have more calories than a candy bar. Scan this list of good and bad bars for weight loss before you unwrap your next snack.

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