Learn to Communicate Effectively with Your Teen in 5 Days

Day 1: What Can Effective Communication Do for You and Your Teen?

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What You’ll Learn Today

  1. Our working definition of effective communication.
  2. What happens when you effectively communicate with your teen.
  3. Why effective communication is the number one parenting skill for successful parents.

Getting Started

In order for you to understand what effective communication can do for you and your teen, you need to understand what effective communication is and how it differs from just talking with your teen.

Effective communication is the exchange of thoughts, ideas and information using both verbal and nonverbal cues so that each person understands and is able to act on what has been communicated in a way that seems appropriate and/or favorable. When parents communicate effectively with their teens, teens are able to form a firm foundation to grow on because they can trust that these three things are happening:

  1. Their parents are actively listening, showing teens that their concerns are being heard.
  2. Their thoughts, ideas and feelings matter to their parents, even when teens don’t get their way.
  3. The message they are receiving from their parents is clear and not riddled with mixed signals.

Because these three things are happening when you effectively communicate with your teen, other problems, circumstances and daily struggles can be solved more easily. This translates into less stress for each of you, but also less stress in your relationship with each other.

At this stage of your child’s life – where your teen is gunning for independence and you aren’t sure when or how much to let go – anything that helps reduce problems and stress in your relationship is worthy of your time to learn. In my opinion, this makes effective communication the number one parenting skill to know.

Did You Know?

Routines offer parents and teens a sense of security in their daily lives. When you establish a routine of communicating with your teen - it can be as simple as saying good-night at the end of the day - you are strengthening their sense of security.

Today’s Assignment: Start Listening, For Real

The goal for this five day parenting class is to teach you the tools to effectively communicate with your teenager. But, it is you who will need to do the practice. Start right away with our first assignment… yes, there is homework!

Read our actively listening article and practice your active listening skills with anyone and everyone you meet today. Not thinking about something else and giving the person who is talking just one of your ears. This will be you listening to those around you, for real. It’s a good habit to get into and you will begin to see a noted change in how others communicate with you, almost immediately. Continue to practice throughout the next month until it becomes your nature to actively listen to everyone, but especially your teen.

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Parenting Class Quick Links: Index | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

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