8 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Sweet Ways to Show Your Love to Young Kids

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for kids and you can find a special little gift that they will remember all year long. From a cuddly stuffed animal to a jar filled with sweet treats, kids will love getting one of these special gifts.

Why is a Gift Special on Valentine's Day?

Some adults are naturally not big fans of Valentine's Day. Do we really need to set aside a special day to show the people we love how much we care? While that is a good point, Valentine's Day can be very special for kids and their families.

When you are showered with crookedly cut out hearts and over-pasted cards trimmed with doilies, your heart can't help but melt. You may even soon find yourself embracing the day with you little ones, filling it with sweet recipes, crafts and even a gift or two. Give these Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids to give your little one with a big hug attached!


This sweet, huggable stuffed friend does double duty as a pet, and when the play is done, a pillow by simply folding it in half. Part of the wildly popular Pillow Pets line, the Luv Pup is adorned with bright red fur and plenty of big hearts, which is perfect for Valentine's Day.

This stuffed animal is great for bedtime, naptime or even when you and your little one have a snuggle. 


Give them a gift from the heart! The Melissa & Doug Heart Wooden Chest is not only a place where kids can put all of their super special items, but they can paint it themselves, choosing their favorite colors and designs.

This do-it-yourself kit includes a heart shaped wooden box that can open, glitter and craft glue, colorful gems, four pots of paint and a brush.


How can you read your little one a book when you aren't there? With the Record-A-Story Together at Heart book, featuring preschool favorite Elmo.

This unique book allows you to read the story and record your voice so your child can listen again and again. For more fun and memories, record the book with more than one person -- a favorite grandparent or aunt, or even your child herself.


Young children love to carry bags and you can send your little one to school or daycare with a special new lunch box. Choose from a monkey, dinosaur, fox, butterfly, ladybug or any of their other adorable designs. There is sure to be an animal your preschooler will love!

Make their new lunch bag extra special by filling it with a few Valentine's Day treats. Add sweet and savory goodies like a popcorn heart, conversation hearts, a red heart-shaped butter cookie and mini foil-wrapped chocolate hearts. (If you are nice, maybe they'll share!)


Your dentist might not be too pleased, but this is one sweet gift! This cute teddy bear-shaped jar is filled to the brim with yummy gummy bears. You can let your child have a one or two bears at a time so they don't get a tummy ache.

When all the bears are gone, your little one can fill the jar with a special collection and enjoy looking at their glass teddy all the time!


Sweet dreams! Pajamas are a great alternative gift to the traditional Valentine's Day candy, and your kids will love it just as much.

The Children's Place has a great variety of pajama sets for boys and girls. Choose a heart-filled design with her favorite animal for your little girl or find your son's favorite superhero or cartoon character. 


Valentine's Day can be remembered whenever your daughter puts on the sterling silver Kids Stripe Enameled Candy Heart Necklace from Love Ivy. The chain can be adjusted from 12 to 14 inches and from it hangs a small pink and red enamel heart.

This small piece of jewelry is pretty with a dress or can easily "dress up" a shirt and jeans.


Give your child the gift of creativity with the Doodle Pro in a heart shape from Fisher-Price. Thanks to the magnetic drawing board that erases as often as they like, kids can show you their love over and over (and over) again.

Fully portable and it doesn't make a mess. That sounds like a gift moms and kids can love!

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