Elderly Fall Injuries

Common Injuries from Falls in the Elderly

One out of 3 people 65 years old and older takes a tumble every year, according to the CDC. In this age group, falls are the most common cause of injuries that lead to hospitalizations as well as deaths.

Here's a list of injuries caused by those falls. These are the most common injuries in no particular order:

Head Injury

Once you start for the ground, it's your melon that builds up the most speed before impact. A good knock to the noggin can lead to all kinds of trouble.


Spine Injury

Your head is attached to the rest of you by a stack of bones called the spine. Landing on your spine or smacking your head hard enough can lead to breaks and bruises of your spinal cord, the most important bundle of nerves in your body (except for your brain, of course).


Hip Fractures

It's all fun and games until somebody breaks a hip. Brittle bones and the position of the hips puts them right in the line of danger.


Broken Wrist

Put your hand out to stop the fall and you just might crack a wrist. Of course, the alternative is to knock your noggin. I guess it's a catch 22.


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