Electronics Make a Great Tween Gift

Older kids and technology just go together, here are a few gift ideas

It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, or another event or milestone in your tween's life. Finding the perfect tween gift can be difficult, especially if your child is outgrowing toys.

Tweens are electronically savvy and electronic gifts can make for a great tween gift. Be sure you consider your child's maturity level before purchasing an expensive electronic item. Does your tween lose things easily? Is he hard on his belongings? Does he have the patience to operate a gadget?

If you think your tween can manage owning an electronic item, consider one of the items below for your next tween gift giving event.

iPad or Tablet

Tablets are a wonderful tween gift giving idea.
Your tween can use a tablet for school, to play music, or games.

Tweens are using tablets for school, to search the internet, play music or play games. While some tablets remain pricy, there are a number that are within reach for many families. Be careful to research options if you're interested in a tablet for your preteen. First, identify how your child will use the electronic device, and then research the best options within your price point.

iPods or another MP3 Player

iPods are another electronic tween gift idea.
An iPod or another MP3 player is a tween gift for the music lover. Stockxpert

Originally meant as a means of playing music, iPods and other MP3 players now do so much more and they make a great tween gift, if your child can keep from losing it. Many will play videos and games, and some offer Internet and wireless capability. Since your tween will use an Ipod primarily to play music, be sure to throw in an iTunes gift card, so she can download her favorite songs right away.

The latest versions offer great video and photo capabilities, and many allow for easy sharing to the Cloud or friends. 

Headphones or Earbuds

A tween gift that fits easily into a Christmas stocking, earbuds vary in price.
Earbuds make a great tween gift. Stockxpert

Any tween who loves music will want a good pair of headphones or earbuds. You can find both in just about every color, and prices can vary greatly depending on the quality of the product. Don't spend a fortune on your tween's earbuds or headphones if the reason you're buying them is because he already lost a pair or ruined a pair accidentally. Earbuds make great stocking stuffers, and expensive headphones might be best for responsible tweens.

Digital Camera

Digital cameras vary in price, if you're giving one as a tween gift, make sure it is easy to use. Stockxpert

There are a lot of digital cameras on the market and if you're considering one as a tween gift, you'll need to do your homework. Digital cameras can cost from $50 to $2,000 or more, depending on the features of the camera. For tweens, consider a camera with an easy to understand menu, and automatic features. Many cameras also offer red eye reduction, and other features. Tweens will probably want a camera with some video capability, and an extra memory card is always a good idea.

Video Camera

Video camcorders have come a long way in just a few years, and there are several on the market that cost around $100 and are super simple to use. While your child's phone will likely have video capability, a video camera might be a good idea if your tween is planning on taking a lot of footage. Most of them can capture 30 or 60 minutes of video, depending on the camera. This one button camera is easy to use, allowing users to edit, delete and upload with ease.

The Ultimate Tween Gift: The Cell Phone

Is there a tween alive who doesn't want a cell phone? Probably not. If you decide it's time for your tween to handle the responsibility of managing a cell phone, then it's time to research cell phone plans, data limits, and consider asking your tween to sign a cell phone behavior contract. You may also consider a phone with a prepaid plan, allowing you to control use and cost. If you do allow your tween to have a cell phone, choose a plan with generous texting limits.

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