Elizabeth Quinn

Elizabeth is an exercise physiologist and fitness consultant who has been writing about sports medicine, injuries and training techniques and working with athletes for over a decade.


Elizabeth has worked in sports medicine clinics, corporate wellness facilities and rehabilitation clinics. She frequently consults with individuals and organizations regarding the design and implementation of functional fitness training programs. A former national silver medalist in road and track cycling, Elizabeth continues to cycle, run, ski and can occasionally be found bike racing for Team Group Health.


Elizabeth has a Master of Science degree in sport science and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. She completed her graduate internship at the Cooper Clinic and Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, TX. She has held numerous professional health and fitness certifications, including those related to personal training, sports psychology and athletic rehabilitation.

Elizabeth Quinn

Sports medicine has a reputation of being reserved for professional athletes, but anyone who is active can benefit from understanding the basics of sports medicine.


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