Got Sleep Questions About Your Preschooler? Elmo Has the Answers

Sesame Street's Favorite Red Monster Shares Why Going to Bed is Hard for Kids

Bedtime With Elmo Genius Products Sesame Workshop
Bedtime With Elmo. Bedtime With Elmo Genius Products Sesame Workshop

Human preschoolers aren't the only ones who have trouble going to sleep at night -- monsters do too. Specifically red furry ones that live on Sesame Street. In the DVD Bedtime With Elmo (Genius Entertainment, 2009), we get to take a look at the bedtime routines of some of our Muppet friends and how they tuck in for the night.

When Elmo and Abby Cadabby can't get settled down, it's Elmo's dad Louie to the rescue, with some great tricks up his sleeve, including a bedtime story, nightlight and drink of water to help.

Much like your own preschooler, Elmo offers resistance at first, but with a bedtime routine fully in place (and a furry friend of his own to cuddle with), he is able to get the rest he needs.

I had the chance to talk with Elmo about why sometimes it isn't easy for kids to go to sleep and why if you have a friend that is an opera singer, it might sound fun to have him sing you a lullaby, but it isn't necessarily a good idea.

Parenting Preschoolers: Hi Elmo, how are you?

Elmo: Hello, how are you?

Parenting Preschoolers: I'm great how are you?

Elmo: It's so nice to be talking to you Miss Amanda! (laughs)

Parenting Preschoolers: It's so nice to be talking to you too Elmo! It's so great. I hear that you have been having a little trouble going to bed lately?

Elmo: Well, Elmo hasn't -- Abby Cadabby has been having a little trouble. (laughs)

Parenting Preschoolers: Oh poor Abby, what happened?

Elmo: She's kind of afraid of the dark.

Parenting Preschoolers: Oh poor Abby. So what did you do to help her?

Elmo: Well, Elmo's Daddy helped by saying by what you need is a night light. That helps when you are going to bed and it is dark. And sometimes when you turn off the light it is dark for a couple of minutes but then your eyes get adjusted to that darkness and it's not so dark anymore!

Parenting Preschoolers: You're right. That's a good idea. That's really smart.

Elmo: So it's not really, really dark.

Parenting Preschoolers: Right, right.

Elmo: Also it is important to have a bedtime routine. Every night after Elmo washes Elmo's fur and and brushes Elmo's teeth Elmo's mommy and daddy reads a book to Elmo before he goes to sleep.

Parenting Preschoolers: Wow, that's great! And don't you have a friend that you sleep with? Baby David?

Elmo: Yes, Baby David. That is another thing that's good -- to go to sleep with something that you really love.

Parenting Preschoolers: That's a good idea. That's really smart.

Elmo: And Elmo had his friend, Mr. Andrea Bocelli sing a lullaby to Elmo once.

Parenting Preschoolers: I heard about that! What was that like.

Elmo: It was really cool. He has a beautiful voice!

Parenting Preschoolers: He sure does! Did it help you go to sleep?

Elmo: Well, kind of for a little bit. But he's an opera singer so he started singing too loud. (laughs)

Parenting Preschoolers: (laughs) So did it wake you back up?

Elmo: Yes it did. (laughs)

Parenting Preschoolers: That is very funny. So do you like to go to bed at night?

Elmo: Well, sometimes. But sometimes Elmo doesn't.

Because there are so many wonderful things to do! But it's very important to get your sleep.

Parenting Preschoolers: I know, you are right.

Elmo: It is very healthy for you.

Parenting Preschoolers: What is your favorite part of your favorite part of your bedtime routine?

Elmo: Hmm, let's see. (thinks for a minute) Well, Elmo likes the night light and Elmo likes turning on some really nice music to fall asleep by too.

Parenting Preschoolers: I have a six-year-old daughter. She doesn't always like to go to sleep. What would you say to her to help her?

Elmo: It's really important to get your sleep so you feel rested and feel really really good in the morning.

It's really important. And then sooner you go to sleep, the sooner it's morning and you can have a lot of fun!

Parenting Preschoolers: That's really smart Elmo, what a good point!

Elmo: And plus, that's the best time to listen to stories and stuff. It's a really good time for your mommy and daddy to read you stories and you can think about fun things.

Parenting Preschoolers: True! And you can cuddle.

Elmo: Yes!

Parenting Preschoolers: It's so nice.

Elmo: Right!

Parenting Preschoolers: Well Elmo, thank you so much for talking with me today.

Elmo: Thank you Miss Amanda!

Parenting Preschoolers: I hope you have sweet dreams!

Elmo: (laughs) You too!

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