Enjoy a Little Valentine Fun with Your Tween

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Valentine's Day comes only once a year, and it's a much celebrated event for both children and adults. Who doesn't remember delivering Valentines to their friends when they were in school?

While your tween is older now and may not participate in a classroom Valentine exchange, he or she can still enjoy some Valentine fun, and so can you. Below are a few ideas to help you and your tween spend some quality time together, or make the most of the day, Valentine's Day, of course.

Valentine Fun - Send a Surprise

If your child isn't expecting anything from you on Valentine's Day, wouldn't it be fun to surprise him with a gift delivered right to your door? While roses probably won't impress a tween, a bucket of popcorn surely would. The Popcorn Factory (www.thepopcornfactory.com) will deliver a specially popped treat to your door at a reasonable price. Pick a heart-shaped chocolate pizza (delivered in a pizza box), or a sampler complete with a plush toy. Gifts begin at $19.99.

Plan a Date for Some Valentine Fun

If you and your tween need to spend some quality time together, combine your Valentine fun with parent/child bonding. Plan a time to bake Valentine cookies together. Send a hand-written invite to your tween and attach a heart-shaped cookie cutter with a red or pink ribbon.

Think Balloons

Remember when your child was little and you snuck around on Christmas Eve placing presents under the tree or in her stocking.
It was all worth it, wasn't it? You can capture that same feeling on Valentine's Day. Just wait until your tween is asleep, then sneak into her room and tie a few Valentine balloons to a chair or dresser. It will make her day, and let her know she's still your little Valentine, no matter how big she gets.

Make a Valentine Meal

If you still can't come up with a way to show your tween how much you care, consider surprising him with his favorite home-made dinner, or a favorite dessert.

Show Your Soft Side

Valentine's Day is a time when we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.
But it can also be a time to share with others. That way you can enjoy a little Valentine fun, and brighten up the day of someone else.

If your tween is into crafts, spend time together making Valentines to deliver to a local retirement or nursing home. Or, make an oversized Valentine card for the local animal shelter. Attach dog biscuits and cat toys to the envelope and deliver it together.

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