ENT Disorder Awareness Month: February

February like other months of the year has health-related awareness programs. It is important to learn about each of the awareness programs that come available each month as we are all part of a larger community, state, country, and world. You never know what health difficulties you will find yourself or a loved one has in the future.

Kids E.N.T. Health Month

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Every year the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery organization sponsors Kids E.N.T. Health Month in February. It is a particularly important awareness event, as ENT related disorders are among the most common reasons why children see doctors. Within ENT related disorders, ear infections rank the highest reason why parents take their children to the doctor's office.

Children are very mischievous and throughout their childhood are likely to lodge inedible objects into their nose, ears, and occasionally even choke on them. However, there is a wide spectrum of disorders that are not within our control.

When your child is developing, there are several clues that may be present to trigger concern of an ENT related disorder. If you child is not performing well in school or has a speech impairment, you should have them evaluated by an otolaryngologist because ear disorders are a common problem with poor school performance, speech disorders, or other developmental delays.

Another problem that you will commonly see in children is a runny nose. As your child develops a stronger immune system, they will be prone to getting a common cold and may start to show signs of allergies.

Other disorders that you can learn about during Kids E.N.T. Health Awareness Month includes:

Tinnitus Awareness Week in the United Kingdom

Woman whose ears are ringing.
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The British Tinnitus Association is a very active community for people that suffer from tinnitus. The organization was initially founded in 1979 but became an official charitable organization in 1992. One of their biggest feats is their I Am The One In Ten campaign. This is a music album, released on March 4, 2016, that is completely designed, performed, and produced by individuals plagued with tinnitus. Performing artists include Black Eyed Peas, Embrace, Coldplay, and British club DJs.

I Am The One In Ten is coined from the prevalence of tinnitus. Tinnitus affects approximately 1 person out of every 10 people. This is more common than you may have realized. "Ringing in the ears" is the common phrase that people use to describe tinnitus. However, the phrase is actually mistaken, as tinnitus can be described as more than just a ringing in your ears. Tinnitus may present as any of the following:

  • clicking
  • tapping
  • ringing
  • buzzing
  • whistling

Tinnitus is not actually a disorder but is rather a symptom of other disorders of the ear. Disorders that have been associated with tinnitus include:


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