Epidural Birth Stories

Women Who Have Used An Epidural in Labor Share Their Birth Story

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Birth is a powerful force. These birth stories have been graciously sent by our readers so that you may share their experiences, and gain knowledge of alternatives and practices. We hope you enjoy the stories! If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: Birth Stories.

 Epidural Birth Videos

  • Kya's Birth
    Hospital, pitocin, epidural.
  • Christian and Landon's Birth
    Hospital, vacuum, epidural, doula, midwife, VBAC.
  • Taylor's Birth
    Pitocin, epidural, forceps.
  • Elaina Kate's Birth
    Epidural, vacuum.
  • Jackson's Birth
    Induction, epidural, high blood pressure, cesarean.
  • Asher Nathaniel's Birth
    Epidural, internal monitor, induction.
  • Birth Story
    Epidural, pitocin, fever.
  • Haley Grace's Birth
    Epidural, hospital, forceps.
  • Abigail's Birth
    Epidural, meconium, NICU.
  • The best and worst
    Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum cesarean.
  • Duncan's Birth
    Epidural, nubain, forceps.
  • Hannah's Birth
    Epidural, Stadol, cord blood.
  • Eric's Birth
    Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum.
  • My son
    Epidural, young mother.
  • Spencer W.
  • Kayla's Arrival
  • Kale's Arrival
  • Mackenzie's Grand Entrance
    Induction, intrathecal, midwife.
  • Jordan's Birth
    Induction, epidural, nubain.
  • Kelly's Birth
    Diabetic, doula, VBAC, epidural.
  • The Joyous Arrival of Makenzie Noelle
    Nubain, epidural.
  • Dylan's Birth
    Stadol, epidural, morphine.
  • Epidural was a Godsend.
    Epidural, episiotomy.
  • Madaleine's Birth
    Epidural, didn't take.
  • A Birth
    Induction, pitocin, epidural.
  • Two Births
    Induction, epidural, IUGR.
  • Jacob's Birth
    Induction, nubain, epidural.
  • Ricky's Story
    Epidural, blood pressure problem, vaccum.
  • Calista Noel's Story
    Epidural, vaccum, not happy.
  • Alyssa's Birth
    Morphine, epidural, placenta abruptio, cesarean.
  • Angel's Birth
    Epidural, early discharge.
  • Haylee's Birth
    Induction, epidural.
  • Two Births
    Induction, cesarean, doula, VBAC, unmedicated.
  • Adrian's Birth
    Induction, epidural.
  • Colin's Birth
    Induction, epidural, morphine, spinal.
  • Three Epidurals
    Induction, epidural, three stories.
  • Christy's Story
    Nubain, epidural, induction, vaccum, forceps.
  • James' Birth
    Nubain, epidural, cesarean.
  • Four Births
    Epidural, preterm labor, cesarean.
  • David Edward's Birth Story
    Epidural, epidural headache, blood patch.
  • Bethany Kathleen Warter's Birth Story
    Epidural, episiotomy, forceps.
  • Heather Bay Berry's Birthday
    Induction, pitocin, epidural.
  • Kyle's Birth
    Home Birth transport, epidural.
  • Two Births
    Epidural, unmedicated.
  • Baby Sullivan's Birthday
    Induction, pitocin, epidural.
  • Gabreille's Birth
    Epidural, fetal distress, cesarean.
  • Jessica's Birth
    Epidural, teen mom.
  • Two Births
    Narcotics, Epidural, birth center.
  • Kevin's Birth
    Epidural, oxygen.
  • Kinsey Jill's Birth
    Narcotics, Epidural, blood pressure trouble.
  • Ryan Patrick Cook's Birth
    Epidural, cesarean, posterior, infection.
  • Taylor Moore's Birth Story
    Induction, epidural, vacuum, paralyzation.
  • Lucas Anthony's Birth Story
    Placenta previa (corrected), stripped membranes, partial epidural.
  • Josie's Birth Story
    Toxemia, cytotec induction, Pitocin, hospital, epidural, doula.
  • David Alexaender's Birth Story
    Epidural, forceps, hospital.
  • Lily's Birth Story
    Induction, epidural.
  • Aurora's Birth Story
    Water broke, augmentation, Pitocin, Epidural.
  • Madeleine's Birth Story
    Induction, 5 weeks early, pitocin, P-gel, Nubain, epidural.
  • Jaime's Birth Story
    Epidural, cesarean.
  • Jacob Burton's Birth Story
    Nubain, epidural, vacuum.
  • Tori Trampler's Birth Story
    Induction, epidural, large baby.
  • Geoffrey & Genevieve's Birth Story
    Twins, vaginal, epidural.
  • Hilary's Birth Story
    Hospital, OB, pitocin, epidural, forceps.
  • Kobe's Birth Story
    VBAC, Pitocin, Fentanyl, Epidural, Cesarean.
  • Lauren's Birth Story
    Induction, stadol, epidural, no episiotomy.
  • Jessica's Birth Story
    High blood Pressure, 4 weeks early, cesarean.
  • Two Different Births
    Cesarean, PIH, VBAC, midwife.

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