Ergo Chef My Juicer - Sports Smoothie Maker Review

Ergo Chef My Juicer
Ergo Chef My Juicer. Ergo Chef

I've come late to the smoothie bandwagon, but now I'm tossing fruits and veggies in like a pro and enjoying cool treats before, during and after my walking workouts. The Ergo Chef My Juicer is built for use by exercisers, with a BPA-free 20-ounce sports bottle and ergonomic shape to take with you. You can use it as a sports water bottle or make a juice or smoothie to take along with you.

You can use it to make:

Proper smoothie making and juicing needs the right gadget. My blender died a few years back and I never replaced it. But I started a diet program that included smoothies and the blender jar they provided just didn't do the job. I never wanted the hassle of making a smoothie in the blender anyway, having to clean the whole unit after each use. The My Juicer and similar smoothie makers make clean-up much easier.

The My Juicer is not a juice extractor, all of the pulp and fiber is left in your blended beverage. I liked that aspect of it.

Making Smoothies with the My Juicer

The Ergo Chef My Juicer has a small base unit that provides the blending power. The blade unit fits onto the bottle to use during blending. You place your ingredients in the sports bottle, twist on the blade unit, turn it upside down and set it into the base to do your blending and juicing.

This is similar to the Magic Bullet, which I bought for comparison.

The My Juicer has just one speed. You press the bottle into the base, twist, and blend. You can allow it to run for several seconds or press-and-release to do bursts of blending. It has a 300-watt motor.

Then you remove it and twist off the blade unit, which you can easily rinse and set aside.

Now twist on the sports bottle top and you can take your refreshing drink along in the car, to the gym or out to relax on the patio.

Using the My Juicer as a Sports Bottle

The bottle has a nice ergonomic shape so you can carry it along in your hand or in a pack (or the bottle holder in your vehicle). The top has a drinking spout closed securely with a cap. It also has a large thumb loop you can use to hang or secure it (or carry it with your thumb or a couple of fingers). I don't recommend carrying a drink this way on a walk, but I have several walking buddies who do it anyway.

What wasn't provided with the My Juicer was a straw. I used the straws from the Magic Bullet, but they are too short to use with the sports top on the My Juicer. I needed to buy longer straws to enjoy creamy smoothies.

Playing with Smoothie Ingredients

I began by using the powdered shake mix used in my diet plan and adding water and ice. The Ergo Chef My Juicer did an excellent job of transforming this into a frozen smoothie with no leftover chunks of ice.

I moved on to adding frozen and fresh berries, frozen bananas, frozen pumpkin, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter and water or milk. The My Juicer handled them all very well, although I learned raspberry seeds will survive intact.

It also didn't do much to other tiny seeds (such as flax) which were pretty much intact after blending.

I began adding fresh kale to make green smoothies to get the vitamins and minerals of that super food. The My Juicer was excellent at blending them so finely you saw and tasted no chunks of vegetables. This was not true of the Magic Bullet smoothie maker I bought to compare. The Magic Bullet sometimes left chunks of kale intact, and was also more likely to leave chunks of ice.

I am lactose-intolerant, so I was happy to see many smoothie recipes recommend almond milk, Greek yogurt or kefir. I used samples I received of Lifeway Protein Kefir in my smoothies to add protein, calcium and probiotic bacteria.

Pluses and Minuses of the Ergo Chef My Juicer vs. Magic Bullet

  • Multiple Cups: The Magic Bullet comes with several cups and lids and two different blades, so I could rotate them and use the dishwasher to clean them. The My Juicer has only the single blade and single cup/lid, so I usually just handwashed it.
  • Sports Bottle: The My Juicer sports bottle works great as a sports bottle on its own for water, etc. The Magic Bullet cups do not include one with a sports top.
  • Microwaving: The Magic Bullet includes cups that are microwave safe, so you can blend and then cook in the same cup. The My Juicer sports bottle should not be used in the microwave and you should not blend hot ingredients with it.
  • Power: The Ergo Chef My Juicer never overheated during extended blending, while you have to limit blending time with the Magic Bullet or it tends to overheat. The My Juicer motor is 300 watt compared to 250 for the Magic Bullet.
  • Blending: The Ergo Chef My Juicer was better at blending ice and kale so there were never any of the leftover chunks I often found with the Magic Bullet.
  • Measuring: Neither gadget has markings to make it easier to measure ingredients as you load the cup/bottle.

Bottom Line: I am a convert to smoothie-making and working on the perfect low-sugar, high protein, delicious smoothies from whole foods. I am able to resist higher-calorie snacks by turning my diet shake into a frozen smoothie. 

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.