Props for Your Most Relaxing Savasana Ever

Although all you really need for savasana is a space where you can lie down on the floor, there are a few props that can help you make this pose more comfortable and relaxing. Many yoga studios provide these props, but if you have an active home practice, you may want to get your own.

Eye Pillow

Eye Pillow. Scott Kleinman/Photodisc/Getty Images

The weight of an eye pillow across your brow is really relaxing. Many yoga studios used to supply eye pillows, but you see it less now due to hygiene concerns. If you do use a communal eye pillow, make sure to place a tissue between the pillow and your face. If you get your own, you can also use it at home.

Round Yoga Bolster

YogaDirect Round Bolster
YogaDirect Round Bolster. Courtesy of

A round bolster is great for placing under your knees during savasana, especially if you have pain in the low back. Just bend your knees slightly and slide the bolster underneath before lying down on your back. Having the knees lifted allows the low back to release. You can also do this with a rolled up yoga blanket (see below).

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Yoga Blanket

Mexican Yoga Blankets
Mexican Yoga Blankets. Courtesy of

A yoga blanket has a huge number of uses for poses across the board, and savasana is no exception. As mentioned above, you can roll it into a cylinder and use it to prop up your knees. One of my favorite uses is to take a folded blanket and position it just over the thighs. The extra weight on the thighs feels really good. If you have more blankets, you can pile a few more on top. Also, if you are at all chilly, it makes it really hard to relax. You can always cover yourself with an unfolded blanket if you are cold. This is especially good at yoga studios where you can't control the temperature.

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Flat Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster
Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster. Courtesy of

A flat bolster is perfect for a prenatal side-lying version of savasana. Lie on your side with your knees bent slightly. Position the flat bolster underneath your belly so that it is gently supported. If you have another flat bolster or a folded blanket, you can bring it between your knees to help create a little space and support there.

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