Everyday Tactics That Will Encourage Your Teen to Read

Reading is an important skill that all parents need to encourage their children to master. A person who can read, and read well, is more likely to:

  • graduate from college;
  • get a higher paying job;
  • experience the joys of learning new things;
  • and enjoy the stress-reducing entertainment of a good book.

While it can be harder to turn a teen on to reading than say, a 3-year-old who loves the attention you give when you read him/her a book, it is not anywhere near impossible.

Here are a few tried and true tactics you can use to turn your teen into an avid reader.

Read for enjoyment. The more you model the behavior you want your teen to do, the more likely he/she is to pick up the behavior. If you show your teen that reading can be as fun as watching television, instead of just saying it, he/she will be apt to believe it and quite possibly try it.

Have books that interest your teen available. If there are no books that your teen is interested in reading in your home then your teen has no choices available to him/her. Hit the local book fair or secondhand bookstore and stock up.

Subscribe your teen to a magazine about his/her interest. Magazine articles are short and fun to read for teens, and yet, it’s still reading. A magazine subscription will ensure that your teen has something new to read monthly and will encourage your teen to branch out for more reading fun.

Start a parent-teen book club. Get your teen’s friends and their parents involved in reading together. Meet once a month to talk about the chosen book and get some perspective from the other teens and parents. This turns reading into a fun social activity.

Check out a cool library together. The town library may not interest your teen, especially if it is small.

But the nearest college library will have a lot more to offer your teen – and perhaps get him/her used to the place? Don’t just go once, make it a weekly trip.

Play audio books in the car. While this isn’t exactly reading – it is enjoying a book. Your teen may not know what it’s like to enjoy a story, which is one of the most important reasons to read. Buy an audio book that is part of a series. Then your teen can read the rest of the series.

Spend some one-on-one time at the book store. Sometimes children, even those who are as old as your teen, just like having your attention. Hit the bookstore together and talk about the book or magazine your teen chose in the café over an iced latte. Forget about everything you have to do and enjoy the time – and your teen.

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