12 Exclusive Boutique Studio Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

You Don't Need the Studio to Give Their Workouts a Whirl

You don't have to live in a fitness mecca like New York City or Los Angeles to try some of the most popular, cutting-edge workouts around! Every month I recruit boutique fitness studio owners and trainers to share a few of their exclusive moves with you. The resulting workouts can be done wherever you are, regardless of proximity to an official studio. These 12 workouts are by far some of the most fun, so be sure to pin this article for future reference and start giving each workout a try. 


Punch Sequence

You don't need a boxing bag to throw a few punches. RAKA! inventor, Ngo Okafor takes you through a 15-minute boxing workout you can do anywhere. Just be ready to break a sweat. 



Med Ball Pass Sit Ups
Throwback Fitness

Grab your best bud and pull up your knee socks. Throwback Fitness is a NYC-based studio that's all about making fitness fun while approaching moves with a bit of an old school attitude. Exercises are basic, but the atmosphere is out of this world. 



Squat to Lunge Saber Swipes
Cassie Brown/Boston Sports Club

The Boston Sports Club is committed to offering members what they want, and clearly this year, people wanted all things Star Wars. This limited-time workout using lightsabers and body weight exercises won't be in the club much longer, but you can always give it a try right here. Talk about exclusive. 



Psoas Hip Flexor

You don't want to overlook stretching and flexibility as a key component of fitness. If yoga's not your thing, no problem, NYC-based Lastics classes focus on stretching, without the corresponding yoga vibe. 



Broadway Bodies Step 4
Broadway Bodies

Seriously, Broadway Bodies is exactly what it sounds like - a workout program based in L.A. and NYC that's designed to give participants the body of a Broadway superstar, along with all the singing and dancing of a Broadway Show. Give these dance steps a go while jamming out to a Hairspray show tune. 



Booty by Brabants Workout
Kelly Brabants, Booty by Brabants

Another Boston-based boutique workout, Booty by Brabants is all about giving women (and guys, too!) that tight, toned "Brazilian bikini model" backside. Try these moves and see how sore your glutes become. 



Fit Body Boot Camp
Fit Body Boot Camp

Ready to take things up a notch? Even beginners can give high intensity interval training a try. This seven move routine from Fit Body Boot Camp is sure to rev your heart rate, leaving you sweaty and ready for more. 



Sandbox Fitness Class
Sandbox Fitness

Exercising in the sand is a killer workout, but if you don't live near a beach, it can be hard to do. Sandbox Fitness, a new boutique studio in L.A., teaches you how to harness the benefits of sand workouts, even from the comfort of home. Give it a try at your local sand volleyball court or try some of the moves with a BOSU ball. 



Oblique Crunch

Exercise really should be a positive, uplifting experience, and that's exactly what REFIT is all about. This dance-focused workout incorporates body weight moves, boxing and, of course, dance. Try these eight exercises on for size - just pump up your music to get a real feel for the program. 



Seated Meditation
CorePower Yoga/Heather Peterson

When you want to start your day off right, look no further than this 10-minute yoga routine and three-minute seated meditation, courtesy of nationwide yoga favorite, CorePower Yoga. 



Burn Pilates DVD
Burn Pilates

 If you've ever tried Pilates, you know it's a workout all about the core. This 4-move series courtesy of Burn Pilates in San Francisco won't disappoint. Get ready to set your abs and hips on fire. 



Lunge Slides
Body Conceptions by Mahri

Think barre workout meets strength training - that's what you can expect from a Body Conceptions workout. These five moves are guaranteed to make your legs shake. Just grab a chair and a folded towel to get to work. 


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