The Best Exercise Clothes for Fall

If you're not quite ready for fall, maybe a little retail therapy will help ease the pain.  This time of year, there are some great workout clothes to make you look and feel your best during your workouts.  You'll want solid protection without getting too bulky and you'll want to stock up on everything from tops and jackets to pants and socks.  Whatever you need, I've got you covered with these top picks for fall exercise gear for both men and women.

Men's Northface Windstopper Jacket

Outdoor workouts in iffy weather are already tough, so having clothes that are comfortable, warm and protective is a must. This is a great jacket for fall, especially on those wet, chilly mornings or on days when you're not sure what the weather may do. This jacket is more of a shell, so it doesn't necessarily keep you warm. It does provide protection from the wind without adding bulk.

Women's Lolë 'Emily' Jacket


Quilted down is all the rage this year and this has quickly become my favorite jacket.  First, I love how light it fact, they actually include a tiny pouch that really will fit your jacket.  Second, I love how warm it is.  Taking my puppy out for a walk on a dark, 40-degree morning was much more comfortable with this jacket, even in the wind.  Then there are other great features - It's reversible, it has a hood and it has one of those handy cinching doohickeys that allow you to cinch the jacket for even more warmth. I love, love, love this jacket!  Perfect for chilly weather exercise.

Nike Stretch Running Pants for Men


At the beginning of fall, you may be able to get away with shorts if the temperatures are in the 50s or 60s. When they drop below that, though, a light pair of sports pants can protect you from the weather. These loose-fitting running pants are a good choice; they're breathable and light, which will keep you dry without making you too hot. You could even slide on long underwear under these for colder runs or walks.  My husband likes them because they fit just right - Not too loose and not too tight.

Champion Absolute Workout Performance Pants


Finding workout tights or pants that fit well, are flattering and don't cost an arm and a leg is tough.  That's one reason I regularly turn to Champion workout clothes.  These performance pants are a great overall choice, whether your outside or at the gym.  They're semi-fitted — just tight enough that they don't hang off you, but not so tight that you feel self-conscious. They're great for running or walking in cool weather, but they also work quite nicely for things like yoga and strength training.  The stripe around the waistband adds a nice detail while flattering the waistline, something I always appreciate.

Skort with Leggings for Women

Skorts (that's a skirt with shorts underneath) are one of my favorite summertime staples and I love that longer versions are becoming more popular for fall and winter. The capri-length tights keep your legs warm while the skirt adds warmth and flattering coverage, the perfect option if

Nike Long Sleeve Workout Shirt


This long-sleeve top is perfect for outdoor workouts on chilly fall mornings. It's made with Dri-Fit fabric, which means it's lightweight, breathable and comfortable.  They've also constructed the shirt so that there's extra room in the shoulders and arms, always something my husband complains about with many long-sleeve shirts.  It's also comfortable enough for a spouse to wear while lounging around the house as well.  I'm just saying.

The North Face Impulse 1/2 Zip Hoodie


This top is perfect for outdoor workouts because it's light and breathable, but it also keeps you warm without adding too much bulk. The fabric is designed to wick away sweat, but what I really love are the reflective details on the arms and chest.  Not only will you be safer running in the dark, but those details add a flattering element to this top.

Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband


There's nothing worse than heading out for a walk or run and realizing your ears are frozen blocks of ice. This fleece headband solves that problem and it's perfect for women with long hair.  It includes a little hole in back to make room for your ponytail. 

Thorlo Mini-Crew Running Socks

Thorlo makes some of the best workout socks I've tried, particularly for cold weather workouts. Though they're expensive, they last a long time and provide great cushioning while keeping your feet cool and dry. You may want to try these on in a store with your running or walking shoes just to make sure they aren't too thick for your shoes.

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