Pilates Podcasts: Exercises for Back and Neck Pain

Two Pilates Podcasts for Neck or Lower Back Pain from Lynda Lippin

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Lynda Lippin has been a Pilates instructor for over 20 years and brings her expertise to Pilates exercise podcasts you can buy and download. She is a popular Pilates blogger. She is also an ex-pat teaching Pilates at a resort in the Turks and Caicos islands, which to my mind makes her very exotic. Just in case you can't make it to the Caribbean, check out her podcasts if you have lower back or neck pain, or instruct those who do.

Lynda Lippin - Pilates Audio Podcasts

Pilates exercise podcasts like the two I review here, have some pros compared to DVDs. Top of the list is that they make Pilates instruction so portable and you don't risk losing your alignment to look at a screen. On the other hand, without the visual component, the instructor has to give excellent instructions and cues. Happily, Lynda Lippin is an experienced instructor who is able to talk us through detailed instructions with few glitches. For those who are completely new to the moves she introduces, it might take a listen or two to understand the exercise, but that's easy with a podcast. I also appreciate Lynda's relaxed tone and pacing.

In the back and neck pain podcasts, Lippin takes the time to lead one into the subtle shifts of body placement and attention that make the exercises supportive of healing for the back and neck. She also gives valuable cues about how to initiate the exercises and reassurances about how they might feel.

The podcasts are 25 to 30 minutes long, each moving through a sequence of easy but effective exercises for neck or lower back pain.

Pilates Exercise Podcast for Neck Pain

This sequence moves through gentle strength and range of motion exercises. These are key to developing the inner connections your body needs in order to support the head and neck in a pain-free way.

It is an upper body focused series but of course, we are doing Pilates so Lippin starts with breathing, the pelvic floor, and the abdominals.

Once the core is engaged the sequence moves on teaching the body how to support the head, arms and shoulders to move freely. The sequence works the front and back of the body and moves from lying down to mid-level and on to standing. You will need to be able to accomplish those kinds of level changes to do the podcast.

Pilates Exercise Podcast for Lower Back Pain

The exercises in the lower back sequence teach neutral spine and pelvic placement and stability - critical elements in relieving lower back pain. There are also strengthening exercises that will get the back extensors working as well as train the leg and hips to support good alignment.

The Bottom Line on Lynda Lippin's Podcasts

The bottom line is that this is the kind of detailed work that those of us who struggle with back and neck pain have to do. The exercises Lippin includes in these podcasts are foundational moves that will, over time, allow over-used muscles to find their place, strengthen support muscles, and expand ones range of motion.

If you are recovering from serious back and neck pain it is important that you consult with your doctor/physical therapist before you do these programs.

Some of the moves might be too challenging at first and some are held a little long for a true beginner, but you can modify those yourself.