Eye Injuries

First Aid for Common Eye Injuries

black eye
Eye injuries could mostly be prevented with proper eye protection. (c) Dion Gillard

Put your goggles on! If you don't, you might end up with one of these eye injuries. I guess you could argue that eye injuries can happen when you're not working and therefore not expecting to get a roofing nail in your sclera, but let's be honest: most eye injuries happen when you're playing with power tools.

So the next time you're mowing the lawn and feel that stinging pain from the mower spitting Junior's long lost army man into your baby blues, think about how cheap those safety glasses were next to the checkout counter at the hardware store.

You can pick up a pair on your way home from the ER.

Eye Abrasion

After the dust bag on the radial arm saw explodes and sends sawdust in your face like some Soupy Sales sight gag, don't rub your eyes! Of course, you already did that before you looked this up, which is why it hurts so bad. Now be quiet so your kid can read this to you since everything is so blurry.

Flushing Eyes

In case you're reading this before you break the sawdust bag in your eyes (you really should empty that bag), here's the right way to rid yourself of wood chunks, sand, oil squirted accidentally from the bottle and various ethyl methyl yucky stuff. Even if it only feels like you did a number on one eye, rinse the other one, too.

Impaled Object in the Eye

Your mother told you not to run with that pencil. I'm telling you, Mom's always right. Don't pull it out and follow the link for the rest.

Black Eye

Next time, raise the garage door all the way up and watch where you're going.

Go get an ice pack and a cold drink. I think you need a break.

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