Facebook, Baby Pictures and Privacy Issues for Parents

As a parent, understand the privacy issues around posting Facebook baby pics.

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If you have friends and family who live too far away to see your bundle of joy on a regular basis, Facebook can be a great tool for sharing baby pictures and providing updates on your child's accomplishments. However, the use of social networking sites does require you to spend some time thinking about personal privacy issues.

Facebook Privacy Concerns for Parents

There are many different reasons that Facebook users with children find themselves concerned about privacy on this popular website.

If you are no longer in a relationship with the father of your child, for example, it's possible that he might come across some of your baby photos or posts. If you're a working mother, you may be concerned that posting too many updates about your baby diminishes your reputation as a committed professional. If you're posting a cute picture of your baby in a diaper, you might be worried about sexual predators using your image for inappropriate purposes.

Understanding Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Many people leave their Facebook profiles completely open to the public, but the site does allow you to keep personal information private if you wish.

When you're logged into your Facebook account, you can select "Privacy Settings" under the "Account" tab in the top right-hand corner to adjust how you share your personal information.

You can check Facebook privacy settings for the following options:

  • Your status, photos, and posts
  • Bio and favorite quotations
  • Family and relationships
  • Photos and videos you're tagged in
  • Religious and political views
  • Birthday
  • Permission to comment on your posts
  • Places you check in to
  • Contact information

Each option can be set to one of the following: everyone, friends only, or friends of friends.

Having your settings turned to friends only will ensure that only people you've personally approved will be allowed access to your Facebook profile.

There is also a Facebook option that says "Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them." If you know that many of your Facebook friends have privacy concerns, it is a good idea to leave this box unchecked.

You can read more about Facebook's privacy policy and Facebook privacy tips on their website.

Handling Posts of Your Child from Others

It's easy to set your own Facebook privacy preferences, but handling information shared by others can be a bit trickier. If you aren't comfortable with the idea of people posting pictures of your baby on Facebook, make sure your family and friends understand your feelings as soon as possible.

If someone does post a picture of your baby on Facebook, do not simply leave a rude comment underneath the photo asking them to remove it. It is a better idea to send a private message asking him to take the photo down. Everyone has a different opinion regarding acceptable privacy levels, so it's possible the poster may not even have realized you wouldn't want your adorable baby photos to be shared.

Facebook Alternatives for Sharing Baby Pictures

Even though Facebook remains one of the most popular ways to share baby photos, it's not the only option that is available.

Kodak Gallery lets you order prints and photo gifts, then keep your pictures in an album that you can share with your friends. You can even require visitors to sign in before they are allowed to view your baby pictures.

Snapfish has a similar service as well.

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