Fall Names for Autumn-Born Babies

Fall Names for Your Little Pumpkin

Girls play with autumn leaves
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Whether you are expecting a baby during the autumn or you simply love the season, fall names might be the perfect source of inspiration for your baby. Your inspiration for a fall-themed baby name can come from several places.

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Baby Naming Takes Inspiration from Autumn

Baby Naming
Baby Naming Can Provide a "Harvest" of Ideas. Benjamin Earwicker

One of the easiest places to start looking for fall baby naming inspiration is to turn to the meaning of names. There are several names, both for boys and girls, which mean "autumn". These names pay tribute to the season.

Baby Naming Girls Autumn Names

There are quite a few possibilities for girls. These name are varied in their derivation and etymology, but all have a connection to the fall season.

  • Autumn (English) This name didn't come into common use until the late 1960's
  • Aki (Japanese) "autumn", (See: Autumn in Japan)
  • Akiko (Japanese) "autumn child"
  • Hazan (turkish) "autumn"

Baby Naming Girls Autumn Names

The selection of boy names that mean autumn is limited, but there are a two names that work. Both have the exact meaning of "autumn".

  • Qiu
  • Thu

Fall Names of the Harvest

Fall Names
Fall Names Can Refer to the Harvest. Valdas Zajanckauskas

Most people commonly associate autumn with harvest time. These fall names pay tribute to the season of reaping the beautiful produce of the land.

Girl Harvest Baby Names

  • Carme: (KAR-me ) name of a Cretan goddess of the harvest
  • Ekin: (Turkish) harvest
  • Sita: Sita is the name of the Hindu goddess of the harvest
  • Theresa: possible Greek roots which meaning harvest

Boy Harvest Baby Names

  • Consus: A Roman god of the harvest and grain
  • Thu: (Vietnamese)
  • Wekesa: (Eastern Africa)

Fall Holidays and Baby Names

Fall Holidays
Fall Holidays Offer Many Ideas. Linda DuBose

Any of the fall holidays can offer a source for great baby naming ideas. In the U.S. three common holidays are Halloween, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving. Here's some creative names associated with these dates.


  • Tabitha and Samantha,Bewitched
  • Gerald: Gerald Gardener
  • Glinda the Good Witch, from The Wizard of Oz
  • Merlin
  • Morgan: from Morgan La Fay

Veteran's Day

Expecting in mid-November? Perhaps you can honor a family member or ancestor who was a veteran and choose his name for your baby. If that doesn't suit, turn through the pages of history and be inspired by a famous war hero.


There are several directions you can go in for Thanksgiving related baby names. You can look at names that mean thankful, names of the first Pilgrims, or virtue names which were common at the time of the first Thanksgiving.

Fall Colors Make for "Colorful" Baby Names

Fall Colors
Fall Colors Provide Beautiful Names. Darron Hester

It just wouldn't seem like fall with out those rich towns of red, orange, yellow and brown. Those warm colors can offer you some potential baby names as well.

Color Names in the Red Family

Girl names: Akako, Cerise, Crimson, Garnet, Kura, Rose, Roux, Ruby, Scarlet, Talutah

Boy names: Carmine, Earc, Harkin, Lootah, Raed, Raktim, Rory, Rufus, Rurik, Russell

Color Names in Yellow and Orange Families

Girl names: Aurelia, Golda, Goldie, Hyunh, Melina, Melena, Nelia, Xanthe, Xantha, Xanthia, Zanthe

Boy names: Flavio, Flavian, Flawiusz, Kanak

Color Names in the Brown Family

Girl names: Amber, Ambra, Auburn, Fawn, Hazel, Prunella, Sepia, Sienna, Soumra, Tawny, Topaz

Boy names: Bruno, Brun, Chestnut, Cronan, Donnan, Donn, Hnedy, Jasper

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