Common Fall Sports Injuries

Fall Follows the Lazy Days of Summer

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Fall sports safety tips. Idea Images / Getty Images

Fall sports are some of the most dangerous. Students are just getting back to school and many end their summers on the soccer field or drilling twice a day for football. The heat and the long summer break leave players out of shape for the hard-hitting early season. These are some of the dangers fall athletes can expect to weather.

Hot Temperatures

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Conditioning for fall season starts in summer. The hardest workouts -- and the highest heat -- combine to make this a dangerous time. Learning how to beat the heat and recognize problems will keep athletes safe. More.

Running Cross Country

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Cross country running has the highest injury rate of all scholastic sports. These running injuries are made worse when the athletes are teens, who have developing bodies. Learn what to expect and how to treat it. More »

On the Football Field

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This is a no-brainer. Football is a contact sport -- it almost looks like combat. There is bound to be some pain on the football field. Good technique, however, can go a long way toward minimizing football injuries. More »

On the Cheerleading Squad

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Cheerleading is often dismissed as a non-sport, but it's hard to ignore the athleticism necessary to do it right. Cheerleaders need to train and condition as much as any other athlete if they hope to avoid injuries. More »

On the Soccer Field

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Soccer has a long season that starts early in the summer. All those cleat-shod flying feet have the potential to do damage to themselves or each other. Besides the fact that soccer players run a lot, they also use their heads -- as a bat! Knowing the types of injuries common in the soccer world can help to avoid leaving the field to go to the ER. More »

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