Family Fitness Calendar of Events

Find health and family fitness events for every month of the year.

Celebrate family health and fitness throughout the year with this monthly calendar of events. You can use it to find out about family activities and events that get everyone moving, help you learn something new, contribute to your community through service projects, or explore a new place.


Girl running in snow - winter fitness events
Mint Images / Tim Pannell / Getty Images

Time for a fresh new start to the year: It's January! Make a resolution to try a new winter sport or maybe even visit a national park—for free! The first of the National Park Service's annual fee-free days is in January.

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Chickadee on branch - backyard bird count in February
Gavriel Jecan / Photodisc / Getty Images

Fit in February: You can do it! Try a birdwatching walk or a Valentine's day gift that shows all the chickadees in your family how much you value their health and fitness.

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Little League teams congratulating each other after game
Teach sportsmanship for kids from the start. Cavan Images / Iconica / Getty Images

Madness? Not this March; you'll have lots to see and do with these healthy suggestions. Welcome the vernal equinox, National Nutrition Month, and a day to celebrate sportsmanship.

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Little girls gardening
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In April, dig into a calendar that's packed with events and observances that resonate with kids and families. Check out National Garden Month to National Park Week to Earth Day—plus many more celebrations of health and fitness.

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Family biking together
Biking with kids puts you on a path to a lifelong family activity. Bob Winsett / Photolibrary / Getty Images

In May we have the chance to celebrate exercise of all kinds (National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!) with a special emphasis on two-wheeled workouts (National Bike Month). And don't forget Tennis Month, Mother's Day, and more.

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Dad and boy doing push-ups by Michele Westmorland, Getty Images
Michele Westmorland / Getty Images

Happy Father's Day, Running Day, National Trails Day, Olympic Day ... and that's not all. Read on for details of these and more on the June fitness calendar of events.

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Bike helmet with patriotic decorations
Catherine Holecko

Find a new favorite outdoor hangout, as both Canada and the U.S. celebrate parks and recreation this month. Plus, July brings both Independence Day and Canada Day barbecues and long weekends, with plenty of opportunities for fun family games and activities.

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Girl playing in sand at beach
Hans-Peter Merten / Getty Images

If summer (or winter, where you live) is dragging on, consider these ways to enjoy August and all it offers for families who want to celebrate sports, fitness, and play.

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Yoga class, photo by Thomas Northcut
Thomas Northcut

Want to try yoga, eat dinner with your children, volunteer at a public park or trail? September is your month for these special events and others that encourage healthy living in all sorts of ways.

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Halloween party games - kids in costume
Maria Teijeiro / OJO Images / Getty Images

Before that Halloween candy comes calling, remember that it's also Eat Better, Eat Together month in October, and Walk to School Day and Month too.

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Boy outside at sunset
altrendo images / Getty Images

Take a breath: The December holidays are almost here. But before that, honor veterans, marathon runners, and (why not?) the sun, as Daylight Savings Time takes hold.

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Family cutting down Christmas tree
Caroline Woodham / Getty Images

Do any of your family's December traditions involve fitness or active play? If not, time to change things up. Start with these events and suggestions, and you'll be on your way to a healthier new year.

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