10 Family-friendly Weekend Activities

Fun and games for you, your preschooler, and everyone else!

family friendly weekend activities
In between errands this weekend, have some fun with your preschooler with these family-friendly activities.

 What are you doing this weekend? Grocery shopping? Picking up the dry cleaning? Stopping at the post office? Hopefully having some fun with your preschooler as well! Whether you have just an hour to spare or the whole day, it's important that you set aside some quality fun time to spend as a family with your little one.

Weekend Activities

Weekend fun doesn't have to mean loading up in the car and spending money on something (although sometimes that is OK too).

Sometimes the best fun family activities are the weekends spent at home together. This list of family-friendly weekend activities includes a little bit of both and a bunch in between! Hopefully, you'll find something fun to do that is interesting for your whole family.

  1. Catch a local sporting event -- not necessarily a professional team! Colleges and high schools usually have some type of game going on complete with mascots and other fun family activities. Sit together and cheer! Maybe you'll become big fans!
  2. Visit the playground. See how your preschooler responds when you go down the slide and on the swings too! One playground not enough fun? Do a weekend playground marathon where every member of the family gets to pick one or two local fun spots to visit. Which one wound up being your preschooler favorite?
  3. What are your preschooler's favorite books? Read what you have at home together, then head to the library to find books by the same author or ones that have a similar topic. 
  1. Pick a local organization that is meaningful to you and volunteer to help them as a family! Think your preschooler is too young? No way! There's lots he or she can do to help. Plus, the life lessons you'll all learn together are invaluable. 
  2. Encourage your child's insatiable curiosity and try a science experiment or two. Is there something specific your preschooler wants to learn about? Do a little advance research and find an experiment that your child would be interested in. 
  1. Go out for a meal -- go visit an old family favorite or stop by a new place that you've all been interested in trying out. Is there a new type of international food that you would like to try? Try together as a family!
  2. Take a drive somewhere -- no destination necessary. If you feel like stopping somewhere along the way, stop. If you just want to drive and enjoy the view, that's great too! Even if your ride is just an hour, play fun family road trip games. 
  3. Go see a movie together. If it's the summer, you may even get to see one for free!
  4. What is your family's favorite  board game? Have a weekend-long tournament and see who gets to be named that game's champion. (Until the next time!)
  5. When was the last time you sat on the floor and simply played with your child? Put your phones and tablets and any other distractions away, have your preschooler take out his or her favorite playthings and just play together.

Still looking for more ideas?

This list of 20 items listed above is good to try any time of year. But obviously there are also plenty of seasonal activities you can do as a family too. Check out these fun to-do lists:

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