Fashionable and Functional Adaptive Clothing

Clothing designed for people in wheelchairs is called adaptive clothing. While most adaptive clothing lines used to focus on the elderly, new designers realize there is a need for fashionable adaptive clothing for the younger generations too. Their new creations are current and trendy, yet comfortable if you spend much of your day in a seated position.

The following designers and stores are a select sample of those that are working towards producing great looking, durable, clothing lines for the disabled consumer.


Silvert’s offers a wide variety of casual clothing, accessories, and undergarments for the disabled community. Their website allows the user to navigate by selecting their specific disability, which then guides the user to items specifically designed for their needs. Their clothing includes colorful styles and designs with clever adaptations, such as a cardigan with a snapback for easier dressing.

USA Jeans

USA Jeans is a purveyor of jeans, slacks, and shorts for people in wheelchairs. These items come in a variety of materials, ranging from lightweight denim to olive khaki material, and offer slim, regular and comfort fit styles. They look like regular jeans but have a high back and low front and don't have pockets or back belt loops that can create pressure sores.


Rackety's provides a wide variety of casual clothing options for all ages. They have selections for children and for adults. Their mission is “to add a rainbow of color and sparkle into the rather gray healthcare industry, reflecting the vibrant, challenging and colorful lives of our customers.”


Able2Wear sells adaptive men’s suits, shirts, trousers and outdoor wear, as well as women’s and children’s outdoor wear and accessories. While their focus is primarily for seated customers, they offer adaptive clothing options for other disabilities, such as MS, MD, and CP. Items include waterproof capes suitable for use on a scooter or wheelchair.

Adaptations by Adrian

Adaptations by Adrian offers a wide arrange of clothing and accessories. Both ready-made and custom-made pants and shorts are available. They also have arm warmers, swimsuits, and cute boots made for people of all ages.

Easy Access

Easy Access makes adaptable clothing for men, women, and children. Clothing in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. Examples include camo cargo pants, Polartec hooded capes for children, and polo shirt bodysuits.

Able Apparel

Able Apparel offers a selection of outdoor ponchos for all seasons (some with fleece lining) for adults and children. They also offer a selection of bandana bibs, matty bibs, and wheelchair accessories.

Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel

Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel designs fun and fashionable items for children, teens, and for adults. They primarily offer adaptive socks and colorful clothing protectors. "Our fashion philosophy is what drives our business to provide clothing that is trendy, upbeat and unique, so young people who are physically challenged can creatively express themselves just like their mainstream peers."

Izzy Camilleri designs beautiful and functional adaptive clothing for men and women. Her adaptive clothing line, IZ Collection, was shut down at the end of 2016 for financial reasons. Her design studio continues to offer custom designs. Her designs have been featured in shows and favored by celebrities.