Father's Day Superhero Crafts for Preschoolers

Show dad how much he's your hero with this cool array of gifts

Father's Day Superhero Crafts for Preschoolers
Is your dad faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive? Celebrate him with these awesome Father's Day superhero crafts for preschoolers. Amanda Rock

Is your preschooler's daddy their superhero? Of course he is! So this Father's Day make it extra special with some homemade Father's Day superhero crafts for preschoolers that celebrate dad for the superhero he is. 

Note: Each of these projects is written with "dad" in mind, but feel free to substitute in "grandpa," "papa," "uncle," or any other male role model. Before you start any crafting project with your preschooler, be sure to lay out any supplies you'll need first.

Some of these projects do have drying times, so you may want to find something else for your preschooler to do while she waits. 

For more tips on crafting with preschoolers, read Making Arts and Crafts with Your Preschooler.

Father's Day "Superman" SuperDad Gift Bag

Set the tone for your superhero theme with a custom-made superhero gift bag that looks like Superman's chest in full costume.

What you'll need:
A white paper bag
Blue paint
Red tissue paper
Red and yellow construction paper

Get crafting:

  1. Paint the paper bag blue. Let dry. Alternatively, you can use a blue gift bag. 
  2. While the paint is drying, trace and cut out the Superman shield emblem by using a template
  3. Glue the shield to the center of the blue bag.
  4. Cut out a yellow strip of paper (about two inches thick) that is the width of the front of the bag and two sides. This is the "belt." Write "Child's Name"'s Daddy" in the center. Glue to the bottom of the bag in the front.
  1. Glue the red tissue paper to the bag of the bag. This is the cape. 

Father's Day Superhero Card

A personalized greeting superhero greeting card is a great way for your preschooler to let dad know how much they love him. You can decorate the card any way you choose, (for example with superhero stickers or stamps), but to make the card shown, follow these directions:

What you'll need:
Red, white and blue construction paper
White crayon
White star stickers (optional)
Poem (printed below)

Get crafting:

  1. Fold the piece of red construction paper in half vertically to make a card.
  2. Measure out two strips of blue construction paper the width of the red construction paper (about 5 1/2 inches) and about two inches long. Glue one strip to the top and one strip to the bottom.
  3. Cut out white stars or use white star stickers and stick to the blue construction paper. 
  4. Using the white crayon, write: "I have a Hero, I call him Daddy!" in the center of the red paper.
  5. In the inside of the card, let your preschooler decorate however he likes, but also include this poem:

Daddy, you are:
As smart as Ironman, 
As strong as the Hulk,
As fast as Superman,
And as brave as Batman!
But you will always be my favorite superhero!

6. Make sure you add the date somewhere on the card!

Dad as Superman Cutout

A really cute and easy gift for your preschooler to make is to take a photo of their dad's face and glue it on to a picture of Superman (or any superhero really) that your little one has colored. Try looking here for good printable coloring pages of Superman that you can print for free.

To make sure that the gift lasts a long time, frame it or laminate it using a laminator

Father's Day Survey

Another adorable, memorable gift is to help your preschooler fill out a survey about their dad. Print out these fill-in-the blank questions on a a piece of paper decorated with superhero clip art. Ask your preschooler each question and write in the answers. Mount on a piece of construction paper or cardboard or frame for a great gift for dad!

Be sure to write down exactly what your preschooler says, even if it doesn't make sense. The gift recipient will get such a kick out of all the answers, and it will be fun for the whole to read years from now!

My Dad's Superpowers!
Father's Day 20XX

  • My dad's superhero name is: 
  • My dad can run faster than:
  • My dad can lift:
  • My dad is really good at:
  • My dad makes the best:
  • My dad's greatest superpower is:
  • My dad is funny when:
  • My dad likes to:
  • My dad's favorite food that gives him his superpowers is:
  • My dad is a superhero because:

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