Fear of Haunted Houses

Your Fear of Haunted Houses May Not Be a Phobia

A large house at dusk with lights glowing. Woodland. A footbridge.
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There is no official"phobia name," for the fear of haunted houses. While some children may develop this fear when they're young, they generally grow out of it.

A fear of haunted houses is different from a phobia of them. Being afraid of the haunted house is part of the fun. However, a specific phobia of haunted houses or any other object is a debilitating anxiety order that can disrupt one's life and get worse over time if not treated.

Specific Phobia or Agoraphobia

A phobia of haunted houses could be a specific phobia (a fear of a specific object or situation) or agoraphobia (fear of being unable to escape to a safe place when you begin to have a phobic

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