Fertility Chart iPhone Apps and Reviews

Natural Family Planning Assistance

If your iPhone has become an essential part of your life, why not use it to assist in Natural Family Planning by charting fertility? Some great fertility chart iPhone apps have been developed to help chart basal body temperature (BBT), predict ovulation, and identify fertile days.

Though fertility charts can be helpful resources if you follow the fertility awareness method, please note that these iPhone apps should be used for recreational purposes only. They are intended to gather data and provide approximate fertility predictions, and are not meant to be used exclusively in any natural family planning regimen.

Woman Calendar

Woman Calendar iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $9.99

Woman Calendar helps if you're trying to conceive, or to avoid pregnancy. This iPhone app predicts fertility cycles based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), so you should understand FAM in order to take advantage of all its features. This app allows you to:

  • Keep a log of biological data such as menstrual periods, basal body temperature, ovulation, weight and sexual activities. You can design and track your very own data according to your cycle lengths.
  • Plot your daily BBT over a menstrual cycle or over a month. BBT chart view shows your BBT chart with cervical fluid and ovulation day over a menstrual cycle.
  • Export data via email or print a hard copy for your next doctor’s appointment.
  • The calendar shows which day you are in your cycle.
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iChartMe. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $2.99

The iChartMe iPhone app is quicker than BBT paper charts, allowing you to quickly track and predict fertility and periods. Features include:

  • It stores your daily basal body temperature, cervical fluid information, and personal notes.
  • App opens directly to the present day's chart.
  • Graphs BBTs over each cycle (for more accurate ovulation detection).
  • Predicts likely fertile days and when your next menstrual cycle should start.
  • Customizable cycle length (set this app to your own individual cycle length).
  • Can email printable versions of your charts to yourself or your doctor.


myNFP. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: $5.99
The myNFP iPhone app is based on the symptothermal natural family planning method. To effectively use fertility awareness methods for contraception, it is essential that you fully understand how to use these methods. With the myNFP app, you input data about your menstrual cycle, and the app helps to determine your most fertile and infertile days. This app is actually based on the results of a research study which revealed that the symptothermal method of NFP is most unforgiving if not properly followed. This iPhone fertility app also:

  • Allow you the choice to set the app to be used for contraception or to help you conceive. 
  • Input data about your body temperature and time of measurement.
  • Allows for detailed information about cervical mucus (i.e., how it feels to what it looks like), cervix (position and softness), and menstruation (spotting, normal, strong, etc.). 
  • Forecasts the beginning of your next menstrual cycle
  • Data can be entered for future days (a feature not included in some other charting apps).
  • Offers a place to note daily if you had protected or unprotected intercourse, medication use, quality of sleep, alcohol use, illnesses, use of a different thermometer, stress, and other environmental interferences.
  • Easy to read cycle charts.
  • Ensures privacy via a lock-screen (so others can’t access app).
  • You can import/export information about your cycles to and from the online platform of myNFP; send cycle charts as PDFs to your email to store or print.
  • Includes an in-depth manual for use.

The manufacturer of the myNFP App notes that this iPhone app:

  • Supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales, but it is optimized for use with the Celsius scale.

  • Temperature values are rounded to the next 0.05°C step, which results in 0.09°F roundings in Fahrenheit.
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MeFertil. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $4.99

This iPhone app is for women who use natural family planning as their contraceptive method, and for those trying to get pregnant. MeFertil provides easy fertility monitoring. This app features:

  • No more paper charting: keep track of your medications, cervical mucus, BBT and timing of intercourse in one place (and have it handy during doctors' visits).
  • Analyzes all data and displays an easy to read color-coded BBT chart showing your fertile period.
  • The red line marks your period days; yellow line indicates days when you’re unlikely to be fertile, and pink line shows your fertile time with peak day emphasized in bright pink.
  • A coverline appears after ovulation. If BBT remains higher than this line, it may be time to buy a home pregnancy test.
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NFP Manager - sympto

NFP Manager iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: Free

This unlimited version iPhone app is designed for women who understand Natural Family Planning and don't need any help. This app claims to be the "only fertility indicator on internet capable of determining your fertile days precisely; sympto guarantees a perfectly efficient sympothermal contraception for competent users." Features:

  • Tracks all pertinent fertility signs and notes.
  • Error and help messages.
  • Special program for breastfeeding and premenopause.
  • Charts can be posted on forums or sent to your doctor.

This app relies on the Symptothermal Method of NFP, which includes observing all fertility indicators: cervical mucus, BBT, cervix's position/feel, calendar methods and noting ovulatory pain (mittelschmerz) and/or breast tenderness. More »


FemiCycle iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $2.99

FemiCycle is an iPhone app for women who either want to conceive or naturally prevent pregnancy. This app has been recommended by health professionals around the world and has received positive reviews. Features include:

The FemiCycle app allows for natural contraception as it assists in avoiding pregnancy by abstaining from unprotected sex during your fertile days. A simple tab indicates the icons accordingly. More »


iOvulation iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $.99

iOvulation calculates ovulation date and generates a personal fertility calendar. Knowing when you ovulate can help you pick the best days to naturally avoid pregnancy (since you’re most fertile the day of ovulation and the day before). This app lets you:

  • Enter the length of your menstrual cycle and date of your last period.
  • Calculate your fertile days and display them on a calendar, indicating fertile and non-fertile periods in different colors.

iOvulation calculates your fertile days, taking into account possible variations in your menstrual cycle, to help assist you in natural contraception.

Please Note: the app calculates ovulation based on a regular menstrual cycle, so it's not recommended for women who have irregular periods.


Nurtur iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $9.99

Nurtur is an easy-to-use iPhone app for fertility charting, a central part of the Fertility Awareness Method. To use this app, just log your period cycles and basal body temperature, and Nurtur will graph your data. This app:

  • Will identify temperature variables and attempt to predict your next ovulation date after two cycles worth of data has been entered.
  • Allows one-touch access to data entry/records.
  • Provides a monthly calendar overview of menstruation dates and potential optimal fertility dates.
  • Offers a Basal Chart that visualizes your record of daily temperatures, period cycles and potential ovulation times (based on your temperature entries).
  • Has a comments section to document other fertility signals or make notes.
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FemCal: Period and Ovulation Calendar

FemCal: Period & Ovulation Calendar iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $6.99

The FemCal app is a portable way to track your cycles. Never be surprised by your period again as this app will:

  • Estimate when your period will start and alert you with an icon.
  • Adapt to your cycle length.
  • Generate and email downloadable reports.

FemCal suggests using the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility as this app allows you to input fertility indicators associated with FAM. Enter daily info on:

  • Menses flow
  • Symptoms and medications
  • Comments or reminders
  • Waking BBT
  • Cervical fluid
  • Cervix firmness
  • Intercourse dates
  • Ovulation and Pregnancy tests (name and result)

FemCal generates a calendar to display fertile days and lower fertility days. This app can estimate peak day and plot coverline temperature helping you better understand your cycle. More »

My Cycles

My Cycles iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: Free

My Cycles helps you understand your cycles and learn your body's signals when you're approaching ovulation. This helps you to decide when and when not to have sex. This app allows you to:

  • Record and track periods
  • View your cycles on a customizable calendar.
  • Store daily notes, medications, treatments and sexual activity dates.

This iPhone app also offers advanced features to track ovulation signs based on FAM. You can:

  • Keep track of ovulation-specific symptoms, BBT, cervical mucous and ovulation predictor tests.
  • Self-select your ovulation day if you track and interpret your body's signals on your own.
  • Know when to take a home pregnancy test and record results.

This app also allows you to post questions and get answers on women's health topics.

iFertility Log

iFertility Log iPhone App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $ .99

The i-Fertility app was developed to help simplify fertility. It includes a forum where experts and every day people can share information; you can also ask questions or contact a fertility expert at no additional cost. Other features:

  • Determines your cycle's fertile days and keeps track of information related to these days.
  • BBT and weight section to chart daily BBT and indicate temperature shifts associated with ovulation.
  • Helps you to manage your weight, so you can also control your fertility (based on the notion that weight loss and gain can affect fertility).
  • Displays a graph showing oscillations in weight.
  • Notes section to record data about cervical fluid, ovulation details/symptoms and intercourse dates.
  • Data can be emailed to anyone.

Birth Control Apps

And just to let you know, the iPhone apps don't just stop at fertility charting and helping you to figure out when you may be ovulating. There are a whole variety of apps available that range from helping to make sure you are using your contraception correctly, to pinpointing where to buy condoms, to providing important information about hormonal contraception, so if you are still interested in how to take advantage of all this new technology, you may want to check out these:

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