Fighting Hepatitis and Liver Disease Naturally

Can Hepatitis be Naturally Treated?

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When the costs for medical treatments start to get tricky and affect your financial status, opting for herbs and other alternatives will surely be your next resort for getting cured of your liver disease. But before you opt for these alternatives, it is best that you keep in mind that whatever you drink and anything you eat eventually passes through your liver in some partial form or another. If you already developed liver problems, then it’s time that you think about being much careful with whatever you take.

Say you’ve decided to go natural with the treatments or trying to use herbal products or treatments as a replacement for your medications. The herbs that you believe are helpful for your condition may result to the opposite effects that you’re expecting. When opting for the alternative, it’s still best that you would ask your doctor about it and be honest with your financial situation. This way, he can still guide you with your treatments and give some pieces of advice with whatever herbs you’re about to take.

Top Three Herbs that May Help People with Hepatitis

When you search for herbs online, there are just so many types that would come out of the results. Some have many uses, while some are studied to be only helpful for a certain kind of health condition. Aside from using herbs in cooking, herbs have been parts of the alternative medicine history and these herbs have played vital roles in treating different kinds of diseases.

Provided that the herbs are taken at recommended amounts and dosages, positive results can be achieved.

Patients with hepatitis may get too interested with alternative treatments, especially when they want to save as much money as possible with their medication. If you are one of the people who are trying to make use of herbs for treating hepatitis, then the following are top herbs that are believed to help aid the medical condition:

  • Milk Thistle: This is among the popular herbs found to help the function of the liver and benefit people suffering from liver cirrhosis. Studies show that the use of milk thistle has led to the reduction of mortality related with liver issues. It has also shown that inflammation of the liver can be reduced with taking the herb continuously. Though there are no evidences showing that this herb can help in clearing up the virus from the patient’s body directly, its anti-inflammation properties are the reason why it’s considered as an effective herb for liver problems such as hepatitis.
  • Burdock: Also known as a natural detox aid, burdock is also known for its ability of protecting the liver cells from damage induced from acetaminophen. Taking this herb will help in reducing the negative effects of the toxic substances that are entering your body through whatever you eat or drink. Furthermore, it has also been found to have the capability of protecting the liver from certain damages that are caused by constant alcohol consumption.
    • Turmeric: There are studies showing that extracts of the herb can help in stopping hepatitis B to replicate. On the other hand, there was also a test tube study demonstrating that the turmeric extracts have the tendency of doing the same with the replication of the virus causing Hepatitis C.

    Though the studies lack enough proofs for the effectiveness of the herbs, there are still many people who believe in the positive results that they can get when they take the herbs continuously. As long as a patient is taking the advice of his doctor, taking such alternative medications may not lead to serious complications associated with the medical condition of a patient.

    When deciding to take alternative medications, it’s recommended that a patient would be honest enough to tell his attending physician about the therapies, drugs, supplements or herbs that he’s taking. This will help the doctor in identifying the possible causes of the alternative medications that a patient is trying, and to limit the intake, especially when there are proofs showing of the possible damage or complications it may cause.

    What Patients Should Remember When Opting for Alternative Medications

    Herbs are known to be healthy for the body as long as you’re taking it in the right dosage. They are proven to be helpful in improving the symptoms of hepatitis. However, since your condition has to do with the natural detoxification process of your body, it’s best that you be careful in remembering the cons of alternative medications. Not all are healthy for you. There are some that may worsen your condition and even lead to more complications in the future.

    Consider talking to your doctor whenever you want to take herbs and other alternative medicines in place of your current medications. It will help you in getting some options from your homeopathic physician about your liver disorder, and he can help you to improve your condition naturally with herbs.


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