Statistics About the Financial Costs of Alzheimer's Disease

Costs of Care in Alzheimer's Disease Are High
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The financial costs of caring for people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia are significant-- as individuals, as a healthcare system and as a country.

United States Costs

  • The estimated amount that was paid out to healthcare providers, nursing homes and hospice for Alzheimer's care in 2015 was $226 billion. This amount is projected to increase to $1 trillion by 2050 in 2015 dollars. Approximately 68% of that $226 billion (or $153 billion) was estimated to be paid to Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Approximately 58% of people with dementia live in homes in the community, while 98% of people without dementia live in the community.
  • National estimated assisted living costs per year are $42,000. Nursing home care, on average, ranges from $77,380 to $87,600 annually.
  • An in-home home health care aide averages $20 an hour, and an adult day care center for people with dementia costs approximately $65/day.
  • Cost of care as Alzheimer's progresses into the middle and later stages typically increases as care needs increase.

Costs to Caregivers

Caregivers not only spend money out of their own pockets for care of the person with dementia, but they also experience a cost related to their own physical and emotional health. A report on caregivers of people with dementia found that dementia caregivers were more likely to need health care for themselves (including the emergency room, hospitals and doctor visits).


Monitoring for signs of caregiver burnout is important, especially in the care of a loved one with dementia.


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-Edited by Esther Heerema, MSW

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