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Research studies have found that participating in a support group along with other medical and professional alcohol and drug treatment programs improves outcomes.

Scientists have found that participating in support groups aid in recovery by changing members' social networks, enhancing their recovery coping skills, enhancing their motivation, reducing depression and increasing their psychological well-being.

For most support groups, all that is required to join is a desire to begin recovery. Most people join a support group by simply walking in the door of a meeting near them. No invitation is required and there are no dues or fees.

Finding a meeting can be as easy and looking up the telephone number in the white pages of the local telephone book. Today, you can search for a meeting with any computer, laptop or mobile device on the websites of the various support groups.

Following is a list of official mutual support group website and instructions on how to find one of their meetings in your area:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Search for the telephone numbers of A.A. Central Offices and Intergroups by zip code or state.

Narcotics Anonymous
Search the N.A. meeting database by state, area code, city, or even street address.

Alanon and Alateen
Search for an Al-Anon Family Groups meeting by city, state, zip code or county.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Find an ACA meeting by search by zip/postal code or state/province or city, state.

SMART Recovery
Search the SMART recovery meeting database by country or state.

Life Ring Secular Recovery
Search for a Life Ring meeting by state or city/address.

Moderation Management
Search for an M.M.

meeting by city

Cocaine Anonymous
Find phone numbers for local areas of Cocaine Anonymous, as well as links to their websites.

Marijuana Anonymous
Search a list of in-person and online meetings by state in the U.S. Also international meetings listed.

Gamblers Anonymous
Find G.A. meetings in the U.S. by searching by state / city or zip code.

Overeaters Anonymous
Enter your address or zip code and indicate a distance to find an O.A. meeting nearby.

Codependents Anonymous
Type in your zip code and use the pulldown to select a distance to find a CoDA meeting near you.

Debtors Anonymous
Search the database of D.A. meetings by city, state or zip code.

Emotions Anonymous
Enter your zip/postal code or state/province or city, state and a distance to find an E.A. meeting close by.

Sexaholics Anonymous
Search for an S.A. meeting by state.

Workaholics Anonymous
W.A. meetings listed by phone and online meetings or in-person meetings in the United States or Internationally.

Pills Anonymous
Meetings list for P.A. around the world.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
A list of Internation SCA meetings in-person and online.

Crystal Meth Anonymous
Search for CMA meetings by zip code and distance. Also, search by day of the week.

Dual Recovery Anonymous
Search for DRA meetings by state, country.

Nicotine Anonymous
Search for a Nicotine Anonymous meeting by country and state.

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Search for a list of meetings by state.

Families Anonymous
Get a PDF files of F.A. meetings by state.

Recovering Couples Anonymous
Search the R.C.A. meeting database by zip code, group number or keyword.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Search a list of all active meetings.

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous
Find a meeting by searching by state or province.

Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous
Find a meeting by searching the database by state, zip code or day of the week.

Depressed Anonymous
Search for a meeting by clicking on DA Group Listing and then search by state.

GreySheeters Anonymous (compulsive overeating)
Search for meeting by state, city or day of the week.

Sexual Recovery Anonymous
Search for a meeting by state.

Chemical Dependent Anonymous
Find a C.D. meeting by searching by state.

Spenders Anonymous
Search a list of S.A. meeting by state.

Clutters Anonymous
Search the database of meetings by city, state, and distance from your location.

Love Addicts Anonymous
Get a PDF file of meeting listed by state.

If you cannot locate a face-to-face (in-person) meeting near you, click here for a schedule of live, online meetings.

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