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Learn Where to Find Great Walking Routes and Events in Maryland

Chesapeake Beach Maryland
Chesapeake Beach Maryland. Linda and Bill Hassell ©

Maryland has many wonderful places to walk, including the C & O Towpath trail and even portions of the Appalachian trail. Whether you want a route for daily exercise or you're looking for a challenging walking event, you can find them with these resources.

Maryland Walking Events

Find competitive walking races, non-competitive walks and fun walks in Maryland.

  • AVA Walking Events in Maryland: Everyone is welcome to join in these non-competitive walks  hosted by local walking clubs and sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association. They include 5K and 10K routes that you can enjoy on your own or walk with the club or friends. A bonus is that you aren't relegated to the pack behind all of the runners. The walks are free or for a very low fee of up to $3. They are walks designed by walkers for walkers.
  • Maryland Walks: This site lists walks that include races, charity events, and fun walks. There is an entry fee required for most of them and you can register online.
  • Runner's World Maryland Events: Check the listed runs to see if they accept walkers. Many often have an associated walking event or they allow walkers to join in with the runners.
  • Racewalking Events: This calendar shows competitive racewalking events that require using racewalk technique. It is provided courtesy of

Maryland Walking Trails and Routes

  • Year-Round and Seasonal Maryland Walks at Use the event search to look for year-round walks you can do self-guided at any time, or for traditional events which are held on a specific day, usually with a marked trail and the opportunity to meet other walkers.Walking routes are three to seven miles you can enjoy anytime. Pick up a map at the start point listed for the walks. Routes are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association.
  • Maryland Walks at Browse routes submitted by other walkers, or draw your own walking route. The huge number of users of MapMyWalk provide this route database, and you can see which ones are the most popular. But you'll have to decide for yourself if they are what you are looking for.
  • Maryland Hiking: EveryTrail lists hiking locations throughout Maryland. Each trail is rated and they provide lots of information. You can download it to your phone and view a larger map. Maryland includes portions of the Appalachian Trail and the C & O Canal Towpath trail.

Maryland Walking and Hiking Clubs

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