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Boston Gardens
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Massachusetts is a state that loves walking. They have often earned awards for having great places to walk and safe places to walk. These include the family-friendly Lizzy's Trail at Bradley Palmer State Park. They build good infrastructure for walking, as evidenced by Boston being the least-dangerous city for pedestrians in the United States. Boston continuously wins walkable city awards, including coming in third in 2015, with the neighborhoods of Chinatown - Leather District, Bay Village, Beacon Hill having the highest ratings in WalkScore.

Cambridge has also won top walking city awards. The walking contributes to them being designated in the top 10 of fittest cities in the United States.

While the Boston Marathon is only for fast runners, the city and state have many walker-friendly events.

Massachusetts Walking Events

Find competitive walking races, non-competitive walks and fun walks in Massachusetts.

  • AVA Walking Events in Massachusetts: To find hosted walking events, select "Traditional Events" from this search too. You'll be able to read the details as to when to arrive, register and enjoy the walk. These are volkssport walks that you enjoy at your own pace, and everyone is a winner. They are usually more or less 5K to 11K long (3 miles to 7 miles) and you have hours to complete the distance. They are very low cost, from free to $3 for most of the events. They are open to everyone, not just to club member or those who participate in the IVV volkssport record system.
  • Massachusetts Walks: You can find walking events through and register for them online. They list charity walk, community health walks, and walks held with running events.
  • Walk Calendar: This race calendar database finds events tagged as walks.
  • Runner's World Massachusetts Events: You'll have to do some extra sleuthing to determine which of these races are walker-friendly. Look for those that have a long-enough finish time cutoff to match your walking pace.
  • Racewalking Events: If you have learned the Olympic racewalk technique and want to compete against others, use this list from to find a race.

Massachusetts Walking Trails and Routes

  • Year-Round and Seasonal Massachusetts Walks: When you want to stroll when you are ready rather than go to a group event, search for Year-Round and Seasonal Events. The list will show you great walking routes designed by volkssport walkers. Look up the details for where to find the starting box that will have a log to register in and the map and directions. The routes will be in the 5K and 10K range and you can see the difficulty rating. The Boston routes have often been voted in the top 10 walks in the USA. These routes are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association.
  • Massachusetts Walks at Where ever you are, it's likely that other walkers and runners have recorded a walking route on MapMyWalk. You can use the website or their app to find walking workout routes. You can also draw and measure a route of your own to use.
  • Massachusetts Hiking: American Trails lists hiking locations throughout Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Walking and Hiking Clubs

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