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Appalachian Mountains at Roan Highlands
Appalachian Mountains at Roan Highlands. Matt Kaminski/E+/Getty Images

North Carolina offers many different types of places to enjoy a walk. It has beaches, beautiful cities and historic areas, hills for hillwalking and the Appalachian Mountains.

North Carolina Walking Events

Find competitive walking races, non-competitive walks and fun walks in North Carolina.

  • AVA Walking Events in North Carolina: These walks are hosted, non-competitive volkssport events that are open to everyone. Look into the event details for where the walk will be held, hours the start and finish are open, trail description and rating, and highlights of what you will see. These events are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association. They have distances in the range of three miles to seven miles. You can usually walk them for a very small fee, and some may be free.
  • North Carolina Walks: This is a good place to find and register for walking events. They can include walks conducted by clubs and community recreation groups, charity walk, and walks that are a part of races and fun runs. Many of these walks will charge an entry fee.
  • Runner's World North Carolina Events: This is a good place to look for running events that may be walker-friendly, especially if you are looking for half marathons or marathons. You'll need to check the details to look for the time restrictions to see if they accept walkers.
  • Racewalking Events: If you use Olympic racewalking technique and want to find competitions, this list is offered courtesy of

North Carolina Walking Trails and Routes

  • Year-Round and Seasonal North Carolina Walks: You can use this search function at to look not only for traditional walks (which are hosted and only open on one or two days) or for year-round and seasonal walks that you can do on your own at the time you choose. Like the traditional walks, the routes are 5K through 11K in general. What you'll find when you look into the details are where you go to register and pick up the map so you can walk the route. The routes are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association.
  • North Carolina Walks at You can explore walking routes that other walkers have designed and saved, or draw, map and measure your own route. You can also use their mobile app. It's one of the longest established app/map sites for walkers and runners.
  • North Carolina Walking Trails: is a good way to locate basic information about walking trails and hiking trails. You can read the basic information for free, but must pay for access to get a full description and maps.

North Carolina Walking and Hiking Clubs

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