Find Your Mom Fitness Match

When you're a mom, fitness time is hard to find. Make it count!

Mom fitness - swimming can be a good choice
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Why is mom fitness different? Before kids, you can try many different kinds of workouts, and spend a lot of time pursuing your favorites. You may have more money to spend on fitness, too! But as a parent, you need exercise that's meaningful and effective—something that's really worth your limited time; something that helps you meet your goals, whether that means weight loss, stress relief, being a role model for your kids, or something else.

Consider these options for the best fitness routines for moms.

Mom Fitness That's Efficient

These workouts are ideal for parents because they burn a lot of calories and work a lot of muscle groups in a short amount of time. If you can only work out for 20 to 30 minutes a day, make it count!

Mom Fitness That's Family-Friendly

Not every workout can be a solo affair. With these exercise routines, kids can join in or at least tag along. The extra bonus is that kids get some exercise of their own, and you are acting as a role model. Or, consider joining a gym that provides daycare services, so you can take classes or hit the weight room while your child plays in a safe, friendly environment.

  • Walking or hiking; jogging with kids in a jogging stroller, or riding their bikes or scooters while you run

Mom Fitness That's Relaxing

Here's another way to multitask (which we know moms are very good at). Make your fitness time your "me time" too. Try workouts that get you in the zone—the blissed-out, deep-breathing, Calgon-took-me-away zone.

Mom Fitness That You Can Do At Home

Whether you're a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a work-at-home mom, often you need to work out at home. You may be trapped there by weather, limited daylight, or a sleeping baby, but you can still get in a workout that does your body good.

Mom Fitness That's Inexpensive

It's not only your time that's constrained when you're a parent. Your budget takes a hit too. These workouts can be less costly than joining a gym or investing in equipment for your home.

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