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Urbansitter helps parents find and book sitters using social media connections


Want to be able to find and book a babysitter with the same simplicity you book restaurants reservations? Want to find trustworthy sitters without having to take the time to call friends for recommendations? Look no further!, a website and mobile app, solves all of your babysitting problems.

5 Reasons Urbansitter is Awesome:

1. UrbanSitter Knows You Trust Your Friends! 

Urbansitter uses social media to connect you with potential sitters.

You no longer have to take the time to call friends and ask them for sitter recommendations. When you log onto Urbansitter, you can see what sitters your Facebook friends have used and read reviews your friends have posted. Urbansitter makes it easy for you to find reliable and trustworthy sitters. After all, isn't that exactly what parents are looking for? Other than connecting you to sitters through your Facebook friends, you can also be connected through schools your child has attended or organizations and groups you are associated with, such as parent groups and sports teams.

2. Real Time Information and Quick Response Time

Urbansitter shows sitter's up-to-date availability and also shows sitter's response time. The sitters keep their schedules online, so you can book a sitter or an interview with the click of a button. This makes last minute needs much easier to fill because it eliminates back and forth emails with a sitter who is not available for your date or your need.


3. The Search Function

Urbansitter understands that different families have different needs. Children are not one-size-fits-all and neither are sitters. The search function on Urbansitter is very specific and allows parents to find the best match for their child. UrbanSitter goes beyond the basic needs; for example, it allows you to search for sitters who have experience with: ADHD, asperger syndrome/autism, asthma, developmentally challenged, diabetes, down syndrome, epilepsy, food allergies, hearing impaired, physically challenged, and tourette syndrome.

 Urbansitter also lists 21 different languages. If your child is learning Mandarin in school you may want to find a sitter who speaks that language.

4. Sitters Can Make Video Profiles

Ask anyone who has done online dating and they will tell you that you can't tell much about a person from a photo. Urbansitter allows sitters to create video profiles, which helps parents truly get a sense of who the sitters are and allows sitter's personalities to shine. 

5. Payment and Fee Options

You can pay sitters via credit card using UrbanSitter's secure online payment tool.

There are two fee options:                                                                                                                    1) Pay Per Sitter. For $14.95 you can interview and hire one sitter. But the perk is if you hire the same sitter over and over again through the service, you don't have to pay again. For this price you can watch up to three video profiles.   

2) Unlimited Access. You can choose to pay $24.95 for the first month and $9.95 each additional month or $99.95 a year (equal to $8.35 a month). This option provides unlimited interviews and hiring, ability to watch unlimited profile videos, and message sitters.

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