Finding and Using Online Fitness Solutions

Make Your Workout a Virtual Workout

The world of online fitness is booming, and its options are as broad and seemingly limitless as those found in gyms and boutique fitness studios across the country. The trick is, of course, is ​uncovering what's available, finding the solution that's right for you, and figuring out how to use the system well. Check out a few of the options available and give them a test drive.

BUTI Yoga: A Primal Way to Get Fit

Image from a BUTI Yoga class sponsored by Good Earth on YouTube. Good Earth & Bizzie Gold

BUTI Yoga is a boutique-style workout that's available in three different formats: in-person classes, at-home DVDs, and online workouts. The great thing about the BUTI workout system is that the classes are challenging and fun, and they really push you to build strength and flexibility. The downside is that the focus is only on one form of exercise —the BUTI system. If you're easily bored with the same type of routine, BUTI Yoga might not be the right online workout for you. Luckily, you can check out a few of their full-length classes for free on YouTube: 

  • Sweet and Spicy Workout
  • Cocoa Tango Workout
  • Sweetly Twisted Workout


Crunch Live.

CRUNCH was the first national gym to release a special, $10 per month online workout membership that featured its signature workout classes. When you enroll, you gain access to everything from strength training classes to dance classes at the click of a button. That said, the longest workouts are only 30 minutes. If you like to exercise for longer periods of time, you have to stack the CRUNCH routines back-to-back, or you have to find a different online system.



Grokker instructor. Grokker

To date, Grokker is one of the most comprehensive online fitness programs around. The workouts are high-quality, varied, and range in length from five minutes to more than an hour. Grokker publishes premium videos with great instructors, but also curates additional videos from around the web, so you can check out and access high-quality workouts without trying to sift through the millions of options on YouTube. One major bonus is they feature a broad array of yoga classes in addition to more high-intensity workouts. You're bound to find something you enjoy.



Pinterest Workout
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Skip the fancy fitness apps and costly online workout programs, and learn how to use your social media accounts for all your exercise needs. As long as you seek out fully-qualified instructors through applications like Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, and Pinterest, there are a slew of workouts available 100-percent free. 



peloton bike

If you're a group cycling fanatic, but you hate being held to the schedule of a studio, Peloton Cycling might just be right for you. In addition to live, in-studio classes, individuals can purchase a Peloton bike for home use where they can easily stream live classes and access on-demand classes on their own time. The only catch is the cost—you have to buy the bike and the monthly membership to access the available classes, which adds up to several thousand dollars to get started. 




CosmoBody, a division of Cosmopolitan, offers a full spectrum of online fitness classes now available for free on YouTube. The classes are led by celebrity fitness trainers, and range from short, four-minute videos to full-length workouts more than 30 minutes long. While the routines are high-quality, the chatter sometimes isn't. The videos are definitely geared to a younger audience, and won't be appealing to everyone.



New Fitness Apps
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You always have your phone with you, and if you download the right apps, that means you always have your gym with you as well. While there are thousands of workout apps available, a few of them stand out as real winners. 



BallStrike App

If your standard workout app just isn't motivating enough, why not turn to apps that encourage a fun approach to fitness? Pokemon Go may have kicked off the trend, but it's not the only game-focused workout app on the market. 



Live Streaming Fitness
Live Streaming Fitness

It's one thing to stream a pre-recorded online workout, but what if you could tune into a live instructor coaching you through online workouts on the hour, every hour? That's exactly what Live Streaming Fitness offers, with a multitude of instructors and workout styles. They even offer a forum so you can connect with the instructors before and after their live-streaming workouts. 



FitnessGlo Programs

FitnessGlo is an online workout destination where you can find, schedule, and plan your weekly routines from their easy-to-use dashboard, syncing workouts with your calendar so you never have an excuse to miss a session. It's similar to other online solutions, like Grokker and Acacia, so really it just comes down to a matter of preference. 




AcaciaTV is an online fitness service featuring celebrity trainers, interesting workout formats, and excellent videography. One downside is that workouts tend to be shorter than those found on Grokker or FitnessGlo, but if you prefer quick, 20 to 30-minute workouts, it might be the perfect solution for you. 


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