Finding Out the Sex of Baby Together

A Special Time Together

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So you've decided that you want to find out the sex of your baby before birth. This typically means that you will be able to find out via ultrasound or genetic testing. This usually means that a medical professional will give you the good news in their office. While it is always special to learn that you are expecting a girl or boy, I've got an idea to help make it a really special and memorable event.

If you are having an ultrasound, bring a thick envelope. Have the ultrasound tech or doctor notify you to close your eyes or turn your head while they are seeing if your baby will cooperate. They can then write a note on the ultrasound screen that says girl or boy and print it out. It goes into the envelope and gets sealed. Your eyes are only away for a minute or two, but then you can take the envelope and do something special.

Go out to dinner, take a walk, just go home, but go somewhere alone. Consider talking about your feelings about girls and boys before even opening the envelope. Maybe you can discuss baby names. Or if you can't wait - just tear in...

Finding out this special information alone can be really, really intimate. Doing it alone gives you the freedom to laugh, cry tears of joy, hug or kiss your partner, etc.

This works really well if you can't be together during the actual ultrasound exam, but it can also work really well if you are together.

Other alternatives are:

  • Just carry the ultrasound around to torture people.
  • Attempt to sell the envelope to the highest bidder at the baby shower.
  • Save it until after the birth and see if they were right.

My husband and I have done some of each of these. Though we tend to opt for the latter. There was something magical about passing that envelope on the refrigerator every day, knowing what it contained.

But, we'd both signed the back to prevent peaking.

Want more creative ideas to reveal the sex of your baby? Share your story below!

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